Tips For Taking Better Photos From A Train

In modern society, it’s difficult to travel to new places or have new adventures and not take pictures. If you want to remember the moment, you will reach out for a camera or phone to capture it on your memory card. You will be thrilled to look back on captured moments in your photos.


However, sometimes it can be hard to capture a great shot. Especially if you will be traveling by train, you must understand the basics of how to take the best photos. Good pictures should be clear, high quality, and worth keeping for a long time. Each image should have a deeper meaning based on the events happening at the moment.

Taking photos as the train moves is not easy, but it’s not impossible. After extensive research, below are various tips that will help you make better photos. Even without the train stopping and despite the type of equipment you have, these tips will help you take better pics.


Choose A Window Seat

The first step to taking a good picture is to choose a strategic location. Ensure you book a seat near the window so you will have a clear view of the scenery. This way, you will be able to capture every thrilling experience without obstruction.


If you are traveling by train, make an effort to book before and request the window seat. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared in advance if you want the opportunity to capture some great shots during your train ride.

Sit In The Back

If you are looking forward to taking a shot of the train rounding a corner, it will be epic if you sit at the back seat. Chose as far back as possible. This way, you will be able to have a beautiful view of the train as it winds down the tracks. Being in the back gives you a dramatic view that you would otherwise not have.

Research The Scenery

Some train routes might not have the best scenes on both sides. Research the maps before your departure and chose a seat on the side with the most views. A google search will provide any existence of mountains, rivers, or scenic attractions. After consulting this information, you will be able to identify the side with the most impressive views.

Avoid Reflections

Sit near a window that can open and shoot through it for the clearest photos. Most train windows are fitted with panoramic carriages, which causes reflections. Reflections cause the photo to appear blurry, thus should be avoided at all costs. Modern trains have small operable windows at the end of every carriage. Shoot through one of the small windows to take a clear picture.

If the train has no window to open, move the lens as close as possible to the glass. Cover up any bright or reflecting objects near the window. Typically the reflecting items will be seats, clothing, electronics, or armrests.

Include The Interior

Avoiding the glass reflection can be challenging. Therefore, consider including the interior in your shot. Placed your camera in an angle that connects both the inside and the outside to achieve exciting results. Consider including the passages to have a clear connection from the train and the outside scenes. This is a great way to capture the whole experience in a photo.

Choose The Correct Lens

A photo’s quality is determined by the type of lens used. There are also lenses that work best in particular environments. For example, some might be best for action shots while others perform best with stability. When on a train, opt something that is not fitted with the zooming feature. This will help you capture a wide range of scenic photos.

Use Image Stabilization

After selecting the right shooting lens and considering the stabilization on the train, make sure you activate your glass. Activation reduces bumps and shakes, which affects the picture taking process. Doing this will help ensure that your photos remain clear, even on a speeding train.

Pack A Tripod

A tripod also helps you take a less blurry photo, whether inside or outside the train. Modern compact tripods are bendable, collapsible, and weigh almost nothing. Do not forget to pack a tripod if you want to get fruitful results with your photos. Luckily, tripods are so compact today that they can easily fit in your backpack.

Increase Your Shutter Speed

It’s essential to increase your shutter speed to compete with the train’s speed and take clear pictures. Use the shutter speed property to concentrate on the picture being taken and not the unwanted motion that increases the blurriness of a beautiful scene. Since the train will likely be moving very fast, this is an important step in the picture taking process.

Live In The Moment

Do not forget that taking photos is not all about the likes and comments on social media. Pictures are for memories. Therefore, an image should be determined by the experience and what brings back a specific memory. Have an epic trip by living in the moment. Only take pictures of moments that are worth remembering. Either something thrilling or an event that happened during your trip.

Prepare Your Equipment

It can be disappointing when you want to take photos, but your camera equipment malfunctions in the process. Have at least two fully-charged batteries, ample space on your memory card, and place all your lenses in order before departure. Ensure that your equipment is ready before getting on the train; you never know when you are going to pass the most beautiful scene. When you prepare your equipment in advance, you can ensure that you will be ready for all photo opportunities.


Don’t Forget The Composition Rules

If you want to capture great photos, don’t forget the basic rules of composition when taking pictures. Remember to consider the lighting and the position of the subject of your image. Make sure the photo looks good by keeping in mind all of the necessary composition rules.

Use Burst Mode

If you are having a hard time capturing the right images, consider the sport or burst mode options. A quick burst may yield a picture that doesn’t include trees, poles, and many tracks. It is likely that you will find at least one great picture that is worth keeping after using the burst mode.

Bottom Line

If you are going to be traveling by train, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get some stunning and unique photos. Keep these tips in mind and you may just end up with some award-winning pictures!