20 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Visit Brazil

If all the tv shows, magazines and adverts haven't made you want to visit Brazil enough already, here are 20 pictures we've captured during our time here that will make you want to book your ticket, pack your bags and take off for the land of Samba!


Looking for some travel inspiration to help you figure out where on earth to go next? Here are 20 pictures that will make you want to visit Brazil!

1. Buildings glow as the sun sets over the Itaim Bibi neighbourhood in São Paulo:

Sunset in São Paulo, Brazil


2. A boat tour around the “Caribbean” of Brazil from Arraial do Cabo:

Cruise Arraial do Cabo, Brazil

3. Residents of Brasilia gather in Parque da Cidade to celebrate the city’s 50th anniversary:

Picnic in the park, Brasilia, Brazil


4. Colourful fishing boats rest in the sand at the quiet end of Copacabana Beach:

Boats at Copacabana Beach

5. Cheeky Marmoset monkeys jump from tree to tree at Bosque da Barra, Rio de Janeiro:

Marmoset monkey in Rio de Janeiro

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6. A golden sunset over Ipanema, captured from Arpoador in Rio de Janeiro:

Sunset over Ipanema

7. Children splash around at the waterfalls in Sana:

Children playing in a waterfall in Sana, Brazil

8. Tourists flock to Praia João Fernandes on the Búzios peninsula to soak up the summer sunshine:

Summer in Búzios, Brazil

9. A pick up truck stopped on the side of the road in Brasilia selling fresh coconuts to drivers on a hot day:

Fresh coconuts in Brasilia, Brazil

10. A quiet beach in Niteroí with views over to Rio de Janeiro:

Summer in Niteroí, Brazil

11. The immaculate Jardim Botânico de Curitiba during autumn:

Botanical Gardens of Curitiba, Brazil

12. Palm trees line the dusty red roads in the state of Goiás:

Dirt roads in Goiás, Brazil

13. Characteristically colourful buildings dotted along the streets of São Paulo:

Characteristic buildings in São Paulo, Brazil

14. Palm trees and hot water at the worlds largest hydro-thermal resort, Caldas Novas:

Thermo pools in Caldas Novas

15. Long summer afternoons on the beach in Arraial do Cabo:

Summer in Arraial do Cabo, Brazil

16. Trees bloom in shades of pink come winter time in São Paulo:

Blooming trees in São Paulo, Brazil

17. Shades of blue and white on Praia do Forte in Cabo Frio:

Summer in Cabo Frio, Brazil

18. A soft sunset over rougher seas at Arpoador:

Sunset over Copacabana, Brazil

19. Picturesque views over Rio de Janeiro city centre from Santa Teresa:

Sunset view over Rio de Jnaeiro, Brazil

20. A crowd waits patiently above Rio de Janeiro in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the famous Christ the Redeemer statue through the thick fog:

Crowd overlooking Rio de Janeiro from Christ the Redeemer Statue

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