5 Great Ways to Keep Your Motivation Up During Quarantine

Even the best of us can be discouraged in difficult times like today, but with some tricks you can motivate yourself forward.The key is that you have to actually be aware that you’re not feeling as you want to be feeling and then actively do something instead of waiting for something to happen.


Whether you are new to the working from home era or you are already a veteran, there is always the challenge of keeping motivated to focus on your work. It might feel too easy to let yourself get distracted with family and media. 

The good news is that it takes just a few changes to stay focused and motivated so you can stay productive  no matter what’s going on. So let’s get into five great ways you can get yourself back on track and stay motivated. 


Switch your Daily Routine

Once you realize that your routine is starting to get stale, switch things up. Being confined in the house does not leave you with many options, but you can be creative and start with the small stuff. Break up the monotony, and find ways to make your routine more exciting.

You can also set reminders when you need to take breaks, walk around, skip, drink a glass of water, call a loved one, and so on. The point is to change what your norm is.


Take Care of your Finances

With hundreds of people losing their jobs, you are not the only one to feel anxious about your finances, even when your paycheck is still coming in. Having control of your finances will leave you in a better place where you can set your own goals without feeling uncertain or anxious.

This period has made most spendthrifts spend less. You can take this opportunity to figure out what you can cut out completely. Look where your money usually goes and have a budget in place. As you do this, don’t forget to save because you never know what tomorrow brings.

Set Goals

Being confined to our homes can make it feel like the days don’t seem to move. This makes people lose track and fall down every rabbit hole that comes their way. To stay focused, have a clear list of what you need done and accomplished on that day. You can also have both short-term and long-term goals and work towards achieving them.

Reach out and Keep in Touch with Colleagues

There is a magic in talking to like-minded people. Times have changed, and we are in a period where you can’t reach or go to that colleague’s desk and ask some questions. However, you can use that chance to make a phone call or have a video chat to stay connected. 

Count Your Blessings

It’s so easy for people to complain about what they don’t have; however, you can look at the positive side of life and count your blessings. You are alive and not sick, you have a roof over your head, you have a job, most people don’t have that privilege right now. Having gratitude for what you have should provide motivation in itself. 

Tell your mind that by staying home, you are helping curb down the spread of COVID-19. You are a responsible citizen, and this is your contribution. Consider your professional achievements, despite what is going on, concentrate on what you have managed to achieve. That right there should be your motivation.

Bottom Line

We are living in unprecedented times, a period of COVID-19, where we are not sure what tomorrow will bring. This has left so many people unsure about the future, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay motivated to reach your goals. Being able to self-motivate is a super power, and if you try the things, you should be able to get it in check.