Best Apps with Inspiration for Women

The mobile phone now has tools that can be an inspiration for women rather than time wasters. Instead of being on social media every day, you can download apps that will improve your life and make you feel happy. 


There can be a lot of negativity if you mindlessly log on to social media apps. But if you want to take charge of your brain and make it positive then there are a lot of alternative solutions for you with apps that are trying to bring out the best in you. 

In the spirit of being  the best woman, mother, and sister you can be, there are hundreds of apps you can make use of to keep your spirits high. From helping you manage your finances to fashion, and motivation, here are some apps every woman must have on their phones.



This is a personal finance app that makes it easy for women to manage money. It helps you track your expenses and also set monthly budgets. This will help you track and have control of your funds. 

Perhaps you have been struggling to live on a budget, or you are just starting, and you are looking for inspiration, this app will help you out.



If there is an app that has an easy to navigate interface, then this is it. Flipboard is all about putting everything you are passionate about in an easy-to-see and use location. Once you download the app, you can select a particular type of story/feed that you want to see. 

This app is ideal for individuals who like to stay up-to-date with topics they are passionate about.


 This app will help you schedule your doctor’s appointments, keep your medical records in order, and even order medications online. With this app on your phone, you have no excuse for not staying healthy and missing your doctor’s appointments.


This app will help women create new brain cells by learning a new language. It makes learning a new language easy and fun for everyone. This is a great way to utilize your time wherever you are. 


Having to walk back home alone can be a worry for women. SafeTrek makes your walk or journey back home safe and less scary.  All you have to do is to press that safe button. Once you release the finger, you will have to enter your pin, so the app knows you are safe. 

In case of any danger, this app will notify the local police to come to your rescue. Call this your assistant in calling the police.


This is a short term for “If this, then that,” and it helps organize all your apps to save you the hassle of having to go back and forth between apps. The app intuitively moves you from one app to the other as you would normally do on your own. 

The Bottom Line

In the world of smartphones, there is a lot you can do with your phones other than taking pictures. You can use your phone as a handy assistant that makes your life better. The above apps work for you, so you can spend less time worrying or more time doing what you love.