7 Reasons Why You Should Do The Sar Pass Trek In India

There are only a few places on Earth which continue to inspire the human race and the Himalayas are one of them.


The state of Himachal Pradesh in India is blessed with Himalayan terrain in abundance.

Owing to its unmatched natural beauty; millions of travelers, from India and abroad, end up trekking to this magical place.


One of the most beautiful treks is The Sar Pass Trek which is organised by YHAI (Youth Hostel Association of India) every year in multiple batches.

Here is list of reasons why you must do this trek at least once in lifetime…


Reasons To Do The Sar Pass Trek In India

1. YHAI Is As Professional As It Gets

Professionally organised in batches of 30 people from all walks of life, YHAI caters for everything needed for the trek, which, by the way, is perfect for beginners.

YHAI Kasol - The Sar Pass Trek In India

They have a well laid out acclimatisation program before the trek begins, as you’ll be trekking at 12,500 feet.

YHAI takes care of the lodging, food, trekking gear and porter requirements of the members.

It also has bonding sessions, basic rappelling and rock climbing training and lectures on environment protection.

Overall, it covers the trekking program comprehensively – all you have to do is simply land in Kasol and leave the rest to them.

2. Amazing Views

The Himalayas are one of the most desired locations in the world for photographers.

With towering peaks, lush green meadows, beautiful valleys and crystal clear streams, the Sar Pass Trek offers some of the most amazing views on the planet.

Coniferous trees, rhododendron plants and colourful flowers line the way which makes the place look as though it’s come straight out of Eden.

Snow is encountered at the highest points on the fourth or fifth day of the trek.

Amazing Views - The Sar Pass Trek In India
Amazing View on the Sar Pass Trek in the Himalayas

3. Meet New People

The ten day Sar Pass Trek passes through numerous little villages.

With them come the local people who are both so kind and generous. The stories they tell are as intriguing as it gets.

The porters, the helpers and the cooks all add to the local flavour of the place.

Also, the group of 30 people with whom you will be traveling with are from all regions, professions and backgrounds.

Rest assured, you will definitely make a few friends for lifetime…

And who knows, you may encounter a few cavemen on the way too.

Friends for lifetime - The Sar Pass Trek In India

4. Short And Sweet

The Sar Pass Trek is just a ten day affair with the first three days reserved for acclimatisation.

So, guys and girls, it doesn’t take much out of your already crunched leave program for the year.

Within these ten days, the Sar Pass Trek will offer you a chance to experience new cultures, new heights, new terrains and a new way to life.

Essentially, it is short but very sweet experience.

5. Understand The Power Of Nature

With unpredictable rain and ever-changing weather in the mountains, you’ll be sure to admire and respect the power of our mother earth.

Snowy Sar Pass - The Sar Pass Trek In India
Snowy Sar Pass

The snowy slopes on the Sar Pass Trek are charming as well as dangerous, so you need to be careful not to fall prey to the incredible beauty of the place.

6. Take Some Time Off From Your Busy Life

Gone are the days when the mall used to be the only outlet from the office.

With traveling becoming easier day by day and distant lands nearing closer, treks like these are a real possibility.

Porters On The Sar Pass Trek In India

Kasol (the starting point of the Sar Pass Trek) is just an overnight journey from New Delhi, the capital of India.

Being a truly out of the box travel option for office goers, the Sar Pass Trek is an ideal experience to recharge yourself in the mountains of India.

And one of the best things about it is that the trek can be done with your kids and family as well, so it serves as an amazing bonding experience.

7. Find Your New Self

When you reach Kasol, you’ll encounter a pleasantly surprising mosaic of Indian, Israeli and Tibetan cultures.

You truly get a feeling of peace and relaxation whilst spending time in an Israeli Bistro or relishing in the unique flavour of a momo or two.

Manikaran is a Sikh shrine five kilometres from Kasol…

It is a holy place and the prayers being chimed throughout the day will leave you spellbound.

A bath in the natural hot water spring inside the premises is a definite must-do as well.

This is the perfect location to ponder upon what to you want to do in your life and perhaps, beyond.

Explore Life - The Sar Pass Trek In India

Overall, the Sar Pass Trek is a very affordable, convenient and relaxing trek, perfect for beginners, which offers both an amazing bonding experience with family and friends as well as the joys of nature.

This is a must do trek and can’t be missed by anyone who is traveling in India!

Sar Pass Trek Details

  • Cost: ₹5,355.00 (approx. $85 USD)
  • Duration: 10 days/11 nights
  • Leaves from: Kasol, India
  • Highest Altitude: 12,500 feet

So are you ready to prepare your backpack and embark on the journey of lifetime? If you have any questions about the Sar Pass Trek or trekking in India, comment below!

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The Sar Pass Trek in India is one of the most beautiful treks in the Himalayas and it's perfect for beginners. Here's why you should give it a go! Click through to read...

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