Foods To Avoid Eating Before Flying

Be careful what you eat before you board a plane. What you eat or drink can make an impact on how you will feel throughout your travels and even after reaching your destination. The last thing you want is to get “jet bloat” or an upset stomach on your flight.


Further, you’ll want to arrive at your destination ready to go and feeling good. You won’t want to waste time searching for a bathroom for a pharmacy because you are feeling sick. To avoid these issues, it is important to make smart eating choices. 

The unfortunate truth is that it is not always the right time to eat a triple-stacked hamburger. Opt for a salad or a healthy wrap instead, and you will thank yourself later. Here are the foods to avoid before you board your next trip.


Fast food is one of the foods to avoid before getting on a plane

Fast Food

We know how tempting and salivating these foods are, but for the sake of digestion, avoid them like the plague. With an extremely high-fat content, fast food will give you terrible heartburn. Furthermore, eating lots of saturated fat constricts blood flow, which is harmful to your health.


Alcoholic Drinks

Though it is not technically food, it still falls under items to avoid before taking a flight. Did you know that the air we inhale in the plane is not humidified, which causes dehydration? Now, imagine combining that with the dehydrating effects of vodka or beer. It is a recipe for disaster. Also, do not forget that alcohol affects your body differently at higher altitudes.

Sugar-Free Gum And Other Candies

Whereas sugar-free candies are recommended for weight loss, they come with a lot of artificial sweeteners. Because the body cannot process synthetic sugars very well, consumers end up getting bloated and it often gives them gas too. Before you purchase your candies, check the packaging and confirm whether they are sugar-free or not to avoid these issues.


When you are traveling, avoid beans to not be flatulent all the time. The same goes for all other legumes with indigestible sugars that cause bloating. If you feel you can’t do away with baked beans for breakfast, at least try soaking them overnight to reduce the properties that cause gas.


Though garlic is quite tasty, it also lingers on your body and comes out in body odor for hours. If you eat garlic, you will be sure to smell like and exhale garlic for the next couple of hours, at least. For the sake of your seatmates and other people on the plane, garlic is one of the foods to avoid.

Avoid Coffee, Tea, And Ice Provided On The Plane

Though there are many foods to avoid before you get on the place, there are also some items that should be avoided while you are on the plane as well.

While it is a great idea to stay hydrated, you are better off bringing your own water than using the water on the plane. Studies have found out that one out of seven planes brings water from tanks containing bacteria like E. coli. Do not be deceived by the bottled water; it could have been refilled right before you boarded. Tea and coffee are also prepared using the same kind of water. Additionally, ice is made onboard using the same water, so pass on that one too.

Bottom Line

If you want to stay healthy and avoid feeling sick during and after your flights, avoid eating these foods. Instead, choose healthier options! Also, depending on how your body reacts to different foods, avoid anything that causes you bloating, stomach upset, or heartburn to ensure comfort.