How to Navigate Airport Food Options

It is two hours away before your flight, your stomach is growling, but you can’t figure out anything healthy to eat since you are on a diet. Being able to navigate airport food has become as hard as going through the checkpoints.


You might want to convince yourself that the sandwich or salad you grabbed at the entrance is fat-free; usually, that is not the case. Ask any flight attendant, and they will tell you how unhealthy those quick bites are. Ideally, it is advisable to grab a snack at home. This helps you to limit the amount of food you will have to eat at the airport. But you can’t always do that.

If you are the kind who usually can’t figure out exactly what to eat at the airport, fasten your seatbelts because, in this article, I will show you some of the ways you can easily navigate airport meals to get full and satisfying meals.

Navigating airport food options

What to Buy at the Airport

Fruit Packs and Veggies

A healthy fruit snack

Take a day and do your search at the airport for a freshly cut papaya. But you can trust that getting one will be next to impossible. But, not to worry, because there are other options available. You can grab a banana, a good old apple, celery, or even some sliced carrots.

Whereas these might not be the best exotic options, there is no shame in a fresh apple. If you did not pack your own, you could get one at any juice bar at the airport.


Go for Some Gourmet Eats

Eating oats will ensure you stay full throughout your journey

If you are in an urbane airport terminal (these days this could be any airport terminal), you will find some gourmet food stands that have snacks such as popcorn, hummus, olives, peanut butter, seaweed snacks, or crudité. Whereas this might not be the best in terms of a healthy meal, it sure is better than that sandwich that you don’t know much about.

Grab a Protein-Filled Snack

Grab a protein snack

This is not permission to go for burgers and chicken. Check out that food kiosk in the refrigerator, and get yourself some hard-boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, cheese, or even edamame. Better still, Starbucks makes healthy bistro boxes that can be found at almost all food kiosks at the airport. And speaking of bars (don’t get too excited yet), you can get yourself some protein bars. Make sure you get those without candy.

Try a Salad

Salad any day, any time

Yes, salad is the easiest food to get at the airport. If you still have a few minutes to spare and can sit down to have a meal, veggies, or salad with lean protein, would be the best option. There are several options to choose from. From Au Bon Pain to Chick-fil-A to Friday’s, you will have many choices. All these restaurants offer choices from simple salads to those with salmon or chicken.


If you can’t pack your food, grab some simple snacks from the fridge and buy them. And most importantly, remember to carry a bottle of water. It is very vital to stay hydrated. Besides, who likes waiting for the waiter to bring you that baby-sized glass of water? As you wait for your flight, do some simple exercise, like tricep dips on the chair. Otherwise, we wish you a healthy and safe trip!