4-Step Beauty Routine No Man Or Woman Should Skip

Women are from Venus and men are from Mars. Both sexes are (mostly) different, but when it comes to skin care or having a beauty regimen – both agree that it’s totally non-negotiable.


The beauty industry has always seen women as their main target but things are changing as we speak. Traditional gender roles are evolving and so are our expectations. We just want look and feel good in our skin and part of it is taking care of your face and body.

The Beauty Routine for Men and Women

4-Step Beauty Routine No Man Or Woman Should Skip

We are not reversing gender roles, we are improving them. Maybe we are just proving that we are equal and it starts with this simple 4-step beauty routine. So let’s start the countdown!



First beauty step is cleansing, twice a day using the right products for your skin type

We live in the 21st century, and cleaning your skin day and night is something you can’t easily forget. Cleansing is essential and so does choosing the right cleanser for your skin type. Men tend to have more oily skin, so make sure to see a dermatologist to learn your skin’s specific needs.


Removing dead skin cells is going to make all the beauty products work better

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells, which allows skin-care ingredients to penetrate deeper into your skin.


There are two methods of exfoliation; mechanical and chemical, and you should educate yourself on the following methods to learn which is beneficial for your skin type.

Exfoliation should be done at least once a week, and the only time you skip it is when your skin has open wounds or cuts, sunburns, and infection.


Serums are the quickest way to rejuvenate your skin

During the past few years, dermatologists insist on using serums as a way to deliver highly concentrated nutrients.

Skin absorbs serums better than moisturizers and they are pure gold for rejuvenating skin.

 Facial Creams & Moisturizers

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

It took us almost a century to realize that we need to moisturize our skin day and night.

Always use creams with sun protection during the day, and if you have dry skin, you can use face oils at night.

To maintain the beauty of your skin, you need proper diet and lots of water. Your face is a reflection of what you eat and drink, even though you might not see it in your 20s or 30s. Alcohol and cigarettes are beauty killers, while lack of sleep and poor diet will leave you with dull skin and dark circles.

Most men still won’t accept that having an eye cream is a necessity, so we are here to remind them. While most men don’t need to use makeup removal products, tonics are always perfect for refreshing your skin.

No one can stay 21 forever, but caring about your skin shows that you care about yourself

Taking good care of your face should be part of your daily routine, and you are never too young to start with the basics. The real challenge is finding the right products your skin will enjoy, but you cannot go wrong with natural and organic products. If you want something a bit more expensive, try out popular Korean and European brands.

As we get older, our hair, skin, nails and teeth all require additional care, but the basic skin care routine stays the same. You just add more products and accept that you cannot look 21 forever.