10 Irresistible Secret Beaches Around The World You Can’t Miss

I’ve always loved the sea.


I’m not a very good swimmer, but being on the beach and exploring the underwater world gives me a sense of being transported to another world, and I feel free and totally refreshed…

This feeling is what pushed me to travel to different places and discover new sights in the process.


I just have a bit of a problem: I’m not a big fan of crowded places, and that often makes me shy away from popular beaches, especially during the peak season.

Luckily, I like talking to locals whenever I travel, and they often give me valuable tips regarding where the best-kept secret beaches actually are.


The good news is that these undiscovered beaches are yet to be overwhelmed by tourism, resulting in dominant local cultures and blissful hideaways that leave more to be inspired by.

Here are 10 of them…

Secret Beaches Around The World: Where To Find Them

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Ok, my bucket list just got 10 beaches longer... I need to visit all of these! Escape the crowds and go in search of these idyllic, irresistible secret beaches around the world - recommended by locals and curious travelers...(Click through to read)
Image 1 by Lee Coursey via Flickr Creative Commons, Image 2 by Zoe Shuttleworth via Flickr Creative Commons

1. Phu Quoc Island

Located in: Kien Giang, Vietnam
Best time to visit: December – March

Amazing secret beaches - Phu Quoc Island
LAID-BACK PARADISE: Phu Quoc’s white sands and clear blue waters are perfect for people who like to chill by the beach

Phu Quoc is dubbed as the next Phuket. It is just as charming as the famous Thai destination, but without the huge number of beach bums… And it’s technically in Vietnam.

This may not last for long, though…

Phu Quoc island has already caught the eye of real estate developers, and it won’t be long before droves of people flock the island.

For now, there are still large swathes of fine, sandy beaches that you can explore peacefully.

Accommodation Recommendations

Budget: Bungalow Mai Phuong Binh

Mid: Novotel Phu Quoc Resort

Luxe: Salinda Resort Phu Quoc Island

2. Con Dao Islands

Located in: Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu, Vietnam
Best time to visit: December – March

Amazing secret beaches - Con Dao Islands
A DARK PAST: About 20,000 political prisoners died on this island starting from the French era to the Vietnam war. Now, the island is a well-known sanctuary for forest and marine animals.

This slice of paradise used to be a prison island for political prisoners during the French colonial era.

Today, aside from its historical value, Con Dao is also gaining traction for its peaceful beaches, rich forest and marine life.

Accommodation Recommendations

Budget: Con Dao Camping

Mid: Con Dao Resort

Luxe: Six Senses Con Dao

3. Khanom

Located in: Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand
Best time to visit: November – April

Amazing secret beaches - Khanom Coast
IDYLLIC BEACHFRONT: Khanom is a favourite local destination for locals in Southwest Thailand

Best known for the sightings of pink dolphin colonies in the area, Khanom has around ten beautiful beaches, several caves, and a 700-year old temple in its vicinity.

There are little to no commercial establishments in the area, but you can get what you need from convenience stores.

Accommodation is relatively cheap if you are just in it for the basics, but if you want something fancy, there are a couple of high-end resorts available for you.

Accommodation Recommendations

Budget: Alongkot Beach Resort

Mid: Racha Kiri Resort & Spa

Luxe: Aava Resort & Spa

4. Jomalig Island

Located in: Quezon, Philippines
Best time to visit: November – May

Amazing secret beaches - Jomalig Island
GOLDEN BEACH: Yellow sands and cerulean waters make Jomalig a picture-perfect destination

With 7,107 islands to explore, the Philippines is every beach lover’s paradise.

The country is known for its white sand beaches, and this sets Jomalig part, as its sands are golden in colour.

Getting there requires 5-6 hours on the boat from the mainland, and there are little accommodation options in the municipality, but the friendly locals, the freshly-caught seafood and the beautiful sunset on the golden coast will be well worth your effort.

Accommodation Recommendations

You are best to camp or see if you can get a room at one of the two homestays on the island (Tejada’s Resort). You can find one homestay near the port and the other near the beach in Sitio Landing. Contact: 0907-5375234 (Tatay Rudy – Owner).

5. Great Santa Cruz Island

Located in: Zamboanga, Philippines
Best time to visit: November – May

Amazing secret beaches - Great Santa Cruz Island
PINK BEACH: Crushed red corals mixed with white sand produce the pink colour of the beach – Photo by Wowzamboangacity on Wikimedia Commons

This uninhabited island south of the Philippines is known for its pink sands.

Yes, you read it right: PINK.

The colour is due to the Red Organ-pipe corals found in its seas that were slowly pulverised and washed ashore by the waves.

This idyllic island remains one of the country’s top secret beaches simply because it is a protected area, and the only way to get there from the city is by chartered boat arrangements through the local government.

Accommodation Recommendations

You cannot stay overnight on Great Santa Cruz Island but you can stay in Zamboanga…

Budget: Zamboanga Town Home Bed and Breakfast

Mid: Garden Orchid Hotel

6. Gozo Island

Located in: Maltese Islands, Malta
Best time to visit: July – August

Amazing secret beaches - Gozo Island
A QUIET MEDITERRANEAN PARADISE: A boat sails through Mġarr ix-Xini Bay

If you’re up for visiting temple ruins, strolling through old towns and rediscovering history while being able to enjoy peace and quiet on the beach, Gozo is perfect for you.

The Azure Window at Dwerja Bay is postcard-perfect, and Ir-Ramla il-Hamra beach is ideal for hours of lounging lazily by the sea.

Accommodation Recommendations

Budget: Hotel Xlendi Resort & Spa

Mid: Rigiana Guest House

Luxe: Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz

7. Muriwai Beach

Located in: Auckland, New Zealand
Best time to visit: September – January

Amazing secret beaches - Muriwai Beach
GANNET SEASON: Gannets go to Muriwai beach to lay their eggs on these rock formations from August to March

This black sand beach in Auckland, New Zealand is a gem for surfers.

If you are a nature enthusiast, the 1,200 pairs of gannets nesting on the island from August to March is a must-see for you.

The island is also ideal for outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding.

Accommodation Recommendations

Budget: Hillside B&B

Mid: Vineyard Cottages – Kumeu

Luxe: Romantic Piha

8. Lord Howe Island

Located in: New South Wales, Australia
Best time to visit: September – May

Amazing secret beaches - Lord Howe Island
THE GREAT OUTDOORS: Lord Howe Island is best for nature adventurers at heart, with several activities available for every traveler

Sandy beaches, lush forests, and clear waters make this Australian island a sight to see for every adventurer.

Water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, and paddle boarding are popular in the area, and those who like hiking can climb Mt. Gower for a relatively challenging day hike followed by stunning views.

Accommodation Recommendations

Please see all available lodges and guesthouses on Lord Howe Island here.

9. Ibo Island

Located in: Cabo Delgado, Mozambique
Best time to visit: June – September

Amazing secret beaches - Ibo Island
MAGICAL: Ibo island has an air of mystique that makes it truly unforgettable

Majestic ruins and historical architectures are the usual sights in this hidden treasure of an African island.

Ibo may not have many beaches, but the few situated a little way off the coast are home to white sands, clear waters and golden sunsets.

Accommodation Recommendations

Budget: Cinco Portas

Luxe: Ibo Island Lodge

10. Bequia

Located in: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Best time to visit: February – April

Amazing secret beaches - Bequia
WATER ACTIVITIES: Kayaking, snorkelling and whaling are just few of the activities you can do in this island

Bequia (pronounced as ‘beck-way’) is one of the best Caribbean islands that I’ve visited.

Its beaches, unlike those from other Caribbean countries like Barbados, are quiet and relatively undeveloped.

Its golden sands are also Instagram-worthy.

The island is quite difficult to get into, and a bit on the expensive side; perhaps these are the reasons why this island remains a well-kept secret from the rest of the world.

Accommodation Recommendations

Budget: Frangipani Hotel

Mid: The Old Fort Boutique Hotel and Estate

Luxe: Bequia Beach Hotel

There you go! I hope you enjoyed my list of the top secret beaches around the world. I’m sure there are many beaches that I failed to mention, so sound off in the comments for your recommendations!