Anti-Bucket List: What You Don’t Want to Do, See And Feel

Most of us have that famous bucket list. We might have to sit down and write it down what we want to see, taste and hear. We know what we want to experience and what we want to feel. However, it raises a question of mortality, so someone decided to make an anti-bucket list that went viral.


A bucket list is about things we want to achieve before we die, while an anti-bucket list is what we want to avoid. While some might think it’s a list of awful things you wouldn’t wish on anyone, but actually it can be pretty amusing.

What is an Anti-Bucket List and How to Make One?

Anti-Bucket List: What You Don’t Want to Do, See And Feel

An anti-bucket list is pretty much a list of your nightmares. Then again, it can be playful. You can be far more creative than with an old bucket list. You can laugh at some of your fears and when you do that you are taking away their powers.


Don’t Take It Seriously

Anti-bucket list is all don’t want to experience before you die

Anti-bucket list rule number one is don’t take it seriously. We know we can’t control everything in our lives, but there are some things we can control. There are many items on our anti-bucket lists we don’t want to experience including losing our sense of humor, getting into a car accident, and the list goes on.

5 Most Popular Anti-Bucket List Items On Reddit

Reddit users gave perfect anti-bucket list answers

1. Buy a house with a history of structural problems, no matter what repairs have been done – InstagramLincoln


2. I once ran backwards to see how fast I could go. I learned two things. I can run backwards pretty fast… Breaking your arm in two places is not fun – SoapSudGaming

3. Date a girl who cheated with me before getting with me, thinking they would be different while dating me  – gt35r

4. Get married – I don’t think my wife is down with the whole “sister wife” thing… – VictorBlimpmuscle

5. Tooth extraction without sedation. The $200 for the gas is the best money I’ve ever spent – theshoegazer

An anti-bucket list is much longer than a bucket- list

Turn fears into laughter

Because we want to cover all possible and impossible situations. Who wants to get arrested? Who wants to wear those 90’s neon glow sticks? Or wait in line at the post office?

Yes, some are straight-out demands and that is perfectly fine because you have one life to live and you want to live it under your terms as much as possible.

What about diets? We do want to look and feel great. We made a choice and that is to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, dieting is wrong and almost inhumane (If you detect sarcasm, that’s okay). So we never want to go on a diet.

Now, is anyone else tired of working long hours? I’m sure everyone is, so we will put that on the list as well.

Bad hair day, headache, having a spinach stuck between your front teeth at a date? Again, these should be on a please-do-not-make-it-happen list.

So, we could go on and on, but let’s move on to the hidden gem of the anti-bucket list.

Lesson from the anti-bucket List

Maybe you just don’t want to ride watermelon bike

When you write down what you don’t want to happen, you are actually learning what you want. All jokes aside, and there are many jokes to be made, this is the main reason we encourage you to make anti-bucket list.

When you know what you don’t want to experience, you will re-think your life choices. If you don’t drink too much, you won’t have a headache the following morning.

If you want to cut your working hours, it’s time to rethink your career path and do whatever you can think of to make more time for your life outside the office.

Face the Inevitable

Make an anti-bucket list party

You will not be able to skip long lines at the post office. You probably will have zero more than once on your account. As you get older, you will travel less and your priorities will change, but that’s life.

Adjust your expatiation, capture the great moments and just be grateful you came this far.

Now, take out your notebook, laptop, or your mobile phone and write down and share your anti-bucket list. Make sure it’s amusing because we all need a good laugh.