Travel Nursing: A Look Into The Ultimate Adventure Job

Update! Our ultimate travel job guide – Get Paid To Travel: 101 Amazing Travel Jobs – is now live! If full time travel is your ultimate goal but you’re not sure how to make it a reality just yet, don’t leave without reading this first!


Travel nursing. You heard that right. Working as a travel nurse is the ultimate adventure!

How, you ask?


Well, you get to work in the location you want, on the days you decide; you have fun; you can TRAVEL and you get paid to do it all.

Looking for an opportunity to get into travel nursing work? Whether it’s to start your career or work part time as a retired nurse, here is an investigative piece to satisfy your curiosity.


If you don’t want to settle down yet, life as a travel nurse could be a true adventure and just the right job for you!

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Getting Started With Travel Nursing: What You Need To Know

Benefits of Travel Nursing

Besides the travel aspect, travel nursing offers you many other benefits…

A Handsome Pay-check

One of the most significant benefits of travel nursing is the pay scale. Since nursing is a high-skilled profession, you can expect to get paid well where there is high demand for qualified nurses.

Explore New Places

If you enjoy the beach and sunny weather, go get an assignment in California… And while you’re there, let your inner child shine with a visit to Disneyland!

Gain Experience

It’s not just about how much time you spend in your travel nursing career. Working with all different kinds of facilities and diverse locations helps you to build and hone your skills.

Free Stay

Whether your travel nursing agency offers a tax-free stipend or a housing option, you get to live close to your work. Plus, you don’t even have to pay for it!

Meet new People

Life as a travel nurse is the ultimate adventure because you get to meet so many new people that make a difference in your life. Changing locations and living in new countries changes your life and has a big impact on who you meet as well.

Life as a Travel Nurse

If you thrive on change, then travel nursing is the right career for you.

Instead of being stuck in one facility and location, you can take up temporary assignments every few months…

By doing this you have the flexibility to save up and then take a few months off for travel in between jobs.

Do you know what I think the best part about travel nursing is?

The job depends on what you want and your needs. It’s not about hiking on the PCT trail or pulling an “Eat. Pray. Love”… You decide where you want to be on the spectrum of extreme to comfortable, as you need.

This is the type of job which really allows you to encounter new worlds. If you’re married or have kids, no worries, take them with you! Imagine having the opportunity to share these amazing travel experiences with your whole family.

Where Can You Travel?

Depending on your skills and speciality, if there is a demand for it then you can go almost anywhere. For example, the capital cities here in the US have great positions going most of the time, however, if you want to travel to more adventurous places, go for it.

Think about what you want… Do you want to wake up to the cold mountain air or warm sunny beaches?

You’ll need working licenses to practice as a nurse in some states though, so work closely with your travel nursing agency to know more.

Choosing a Travel Nursing Agency

Depending on which seasons you prefer, travel nursing gives you the chance to pick a new location and enjoy a staycation for as little or long as you like. So you could chase summer around the country all year if so be it!

As long as you pick the right agency to work with and the right assignments for your skills, travel nursing gets you around the country and the world.

Choosing the right agency can be very rewarding for your nursing career – consider all of these aspects before picking the one you want to work with.

Focus on Pay

The first aspect that needs to be considered is the pay. Remember to discuss your pay rate, how much over time you’ll get, deposits involved, everything, with the agency.

Know the Recruiters

Are they genuinely interested in helping you? The best recruiters remember you, even when they switch agencies. Focus on building a good relationship with them.

Read Reviews

Just as you would before choosing a place to eat, read reviews of the travel nursing agency to get an insight into their stability, performance, and reputation.

Response Time

Focus on the agency that returns your calls, messages, and emails quickly. The timely response may reflect how soon they can offer you a position.

Benefits Package

Does the travel nursing agency provide comfortable housing options or stipends for housing? Will they reimburse your travel expenses? Any other benefits?

How to Boost Your Career with Travel Nursing

One of the key skills you’ll develop working as a travel nurse is adaptability and you’ll be able to highlight your ability to work with varying lifestyles on your resume.

Whether you work in different states around the country or work internationally, travel nursing boosts your career in many ways.

Great pay, travel and free housing are all great benefits of travel nursing but the best one has to be meeting an array of people from different walks of life.

With this also comes the opportunity to build your network and use your contacts as references, especially with social media helping you to stay connected with each other.

Working with different facilities in different locations exposes you to so many aspects of nursing, some more challenging than others.

With far more opportunities to be exposed to life-changing experiences than you would get with a permanent job, travel nursing really is the ultimate adventure job… And the ton of benefits are just added perks!

What a fantastic way to challenge yourself and grow whilst seeing the world!

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