Planning to Travel? Check Out These Money Safety Tips.

Do you know the proper money safety tips to follow when traveling? That young girl who approached you in France seems innocent until you realized it was just a tactic to distract you as her father snatched your purse. Unfortunately, this kind of crime is all too common around the world.


In most cases, thieves target tourists because they are still “fresh” in the city and haven’t learned all the tricks that thieves use. The good news is, if you prepare well enough ahead of time, you can avoid this from happening.

Here are some of the tips to keep your money safe the next time you travel.


Money Safety Tips

Where Should You Keep Your Valuables?

Always keep your passport, debit cards, and money in a tight money pouch all the time. This is because purses and backpacks can quickly be snatched away from you. Some “experienced” pickpocketers can open your pocket without you noticing. Get a pouch that you can easily wear under your shirt or top.


Some can be worn on your neck or around your waist or calf. These always come in handy, especially if you are going to be standing in crowded places, sleeping on a train, or going to areas that are not secure. Apart from money pouches, you can also get belts, chains, and cases to protect your valuables for as cheap as $40.

You might be wondering whether you are not better off leaving your valuables in your hotel room. Well, safety in your hotel room is not guaranteed, either. These hotel safes are not difficult to break into. And, in most cases, your hotel might not accept liability for any loss.

Another essential tip to keep in mind is never to keep all your valuables in the same place. If you are with your partner or a friend, make sure each one of you has a debit card and some cash in case you split up or one is robbed. If you are alone, you can keep back up cards in a separate bag.

It’s essential to keep your valuables in a safe place. However, you might have to consider keeping some loose local currency in a place where it can easily be accessible, such as your pockets. That way, you are not exposing where you keep your money, which is usually the target for most pickpockets.

Furthermore, always have a photocopy of your passport, credit cards, and driver’s license, and any other relevant documents you have. You might have to keep one copy with someone you trust, another copy on you, separate from the originals, in case the originals are stolen. Alternatively, you might have to scan and save copies on your smartphone.

How to Be Safe at the ATM

It is crucial to guard your ATM use as religiously as possible. Here are some of the ATM money safety tips you can follow.

  • As you enter the ATM, be sure no one behind you might be able to see you entering your PIN.
  • Always ask for receipts after your transactions.
  • Do not enter any ATM that is not adequately lit or that is in a suspicious location.
  • Avoid counting your cash while at the ATM. There might be someone watching you and ready to snatch it at any given opportunity.
  • In case you lose your ATM cards, immediately contact your bank to have it blocked.


These are some of the tips to keep you and your money safe while you travel. Do you know other money safety tips to keep your money safe? Have you ever experienced money theft on your vacation? Share with us in the comment section.