Do Hotel Housekeepers Check Through Your Stuff?

The thought of your privacy being invaded by hotel staff when you are not in your room, specifically by housekeepers, can be disturbing.


It’s good to be trusting of the people who promise to protect your privacy, but when you’re in an unfamiliar place, it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

We all have things we don’t want other people to see. These include our toiletry bags, personal laptops, handbags for ladies, and even suitcases. But let’s get real about it; housekeepers come to your room on a daily to clean it for you. So, you should consider the circumstances.

Do you wonder whether housekeepers look through your stuff in your hotel room?

What Are the Chances of Housekeepers’ Stealing?

What are the chances they’ll peep into your bags? Very slim, I would say. However, it’s important to admit that people have weaknesses, and it’s not always a good idea to trust people you don’t know personally.

They can do inappropriate things when alone. It is advisable always to keep our security measures high. There are several things you can do to keep your privacy. Let’s check them out.


Keep Your Belongings Organized

When booked in a hotel, avoid cluttering your stuff everywhere. This prevents some of your things from getting lost by being bundled up in linen. Some tiny yet essential things like bank cards, receipts, and money have ended up in hotel laundries.

When such a loss happens, it’s easy to blame it on housekeepers. But in the real sense, it’s the owner’s negligence. To avoid such incidences, ensure your stuff is always in place.

Keep Housekeepers from Visiting Altogether

Put up a sign of “do not disturb” on your door during your stay at the hotel. This will keep housekeepers away from your room. But again, it means your room won’t be cleaned during your stay. So, you will do the cleaning yourself or keep using a dirty place. But you don’t want the latter. So, if you are the security-conscious type, the ball is in your court.

Leave Your Valuables at Check-In

Also, you can leave your valuables like laptops, money, and jewelry at the front desk when leaving the room. You’ll sign a note for accountability, in case front desk attendants have changed since you left.

This way, you are sure no one will investigate or steal them. On your way back to your room, stop by the front desk and retrieve your property. Though they may also check them, the good news is they can’t steal them. There is proof – the signed note to pin them down.

Have Housekeeping Done While You’re There

You can opt to have your room cleaned in your presence. But, this is unpleasant; imagine sitting in a room watching a housekeeper’s every move! Again, you don’t want to be the one to take up all the dust from the carpet and linen. Ever tried to do something under someone’s watch? You get uneasy and suspicious. You might not even do a good job.

Important Things to Note About Housekeepers

With most, if not all, hotels having security cameras, it’s unlikely that housekeepers will tamper with your property. They are aware of these cameras, so they don’t want to risk losing their jobs. And also, if there is a report of lost of property, the first suspects are housekeepers. Ultimately, they don’t want to risk their job.


Housekeeping can be a good-paying job with benefits. So, it is unlikely that anyone would risk their job by stealing or nosing around in property. But again, there are always people with criminal minds. These always give a bad name to their colleagues.

Also, there is still a temptation to do inappropriate things when alone. It doesn’t hurt to be cautious. Always take appropriate measures to keep the safety of your property while staying in hotels. For more information on how to keep your belongings safe, for instances when you just don’t trust hotel staff, check out this safety guide.