Discover These Travel Hacks Every Backpacker Should Know

Every backpacker in the world knows how hard the process of backpacking is. Unfortunately, almost every other thing is done in a hard way.


Luckily, there are better ways of doing tons of stuff when it comes to backpacking. Not everything has to be done in the hardest way possible.

There are hacks that backpackers with years of experience, decided to share with the world. These hacks will make the process of packing and the process of traveling stressfree.

Discover These Travel Hacks Every Backpacker Should Know

Why Do You Need the Hacks?

Your backpacking adventure should contain excitement and energy. That energy should be in big amounts, and stressful situations can significantly decrease it.

For example, if unnecessary stressful situations with choosing the wrong backpack are removed, you will have a great time and increase dopamine and energy levels.


If you bring the wrong backpack with you, you will not enjoy nature in front of you, and the experience won’t be great. Carrying the right backpack is just one example.

Knowledge of what to pack, how to avoid overpacking, and many more are always welcomed.

Travel Hacks Every Backpacker Should Know

Here are some tips and hacks that can highly benefit you on your backpacking adventures.

Hack #1 – Proper Backpack

Many beginner backpackers go and buy the largest backpack there is. According to the experienced backpackers, this move is wrong, and they should not do it.

Not only beginners, but every backpacker should buy backpacks that are not larger than their bodies. That is because the backpacks should not be too heavy. Backpacks should be easy to carry around.

Find a backpack that will be smaller than your body, and that has inner and side pockets. Inner pockets are helpful for valuables, money, and passport. Side pockets are useful for water bottles.

Hack #2 – Comfort, Not Fashion

Backpacking trips are usually filled with adventures and going to multiple places during the day. While doing all of this, you have to feel comfortable.

You have to choose clothes that you can wear more than once. Those clothes should be durable and breathable besides being comfortable.

Choose clothes according to the environment you’re planning to be in, but have the previously mentioned things in mind when choosing as well.

Hack #3 – The Less Toiletries, the Better

Experienced backpackers are not saying that your hygiene is not important. It is indeed, but you should not take everything you have in your bathroom with you.

Grooming products, heavy bottles, and different kinds of toiletries are not necessary. You have to take a minimal amount of the most important things.

Plus, you can buy toothpaste, shampoo or toothbrush in every small local shop. The only thing that you must not forget is a small amount of washing powder. You have to have it because washing clothes is an activity that happens more than once when backpacking.

Hack #4 – Waterproofing

Waterproofing can save you a lot of trouble. Backpacking journeys always bring crossing rivers or small ponds. Sometimes the rain comes out of nowhere as well.

There are three minor hacks when it comes to this issue. The first includes placing your things into smaller zip lock bags or packing cubes. Use trash bags, rucksack liners, or dry bags to wrap your backpack.

The third includes beeswax. A lot of backpackers suggest waterproofing your backpack with beeswax to protect the backpack and the content inside. The Beeswax hack can even be merged with previous hacks.

Hack #5 – Offline Maps

Before going on a backpacking trip, turn on your WiFi and download an offline map. This step is crucial because service is not always available.

These maps are easy, free, and you are not limited to only one. You can download several of them and add the specific area that you are going to explore. This move is a lifesaver and can assist you in light besides dark times.

Hack #6 – Smallest Things Go Second

Backpackers with tons of experience recommend packing big and bulky things first and smallest things second. That is because you can implement smaller items inside the bigger stuff without a problem.

If you do this, additional space in your backpack will become available. Take your shoes, pack them at the bottom, and add little things like shampoo or toothpaste inside.

Discover These Travel Hacks Every Backpacker Should Know


Remember that these hacks are written here to make your trip more comfortable and to remove additional stress from the way. If you have a chance to backpack travel more, use them, and make your trip careless.

Trying new things keeps your mind open and gives a unique experience. Have fun and enjoy it.