Top 5 Amazing Travel Gadgets

Whether you’re off to a hike or just going somewhere new for the weekend, there are gadgets that you can’t resist having on you. 


Most of them are just fun to have around you, while others only give you an extra opening to a world of tech that’s new. 

Something that may seem so useless or not that important comes in handy when you travel. Most of them even turn out to be lifesavers. So, what are these fantastic travel gadgets that you can’t resist having on you when traveling? Read on to find out.


Travel Steam Iron

The world’s smallest steam iron is fast becoming one of the favorite travel gadgets among travelers. With a size as small as a mouse and 400 watts voltage, this gadget can come in handy. 

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot & Power Bank

Everyone today has at least one form of mobile communication. It is quite impossible to leave these devices at home when you’re traveling. They are how you keep in touch with the people you left behind. 


Also, in case you get lost, that’s the easiest way you can get traced. That’s how some of these devices are lifesavers. You don’t want to leave any of your devices uncharged, and that’s why carrying a portable power bank is your best bet. Also, a portable Wi-Fi device can come in handy, as you don’t want to miss out on things during your travels.

Water Purifier Bottle

Let’s face it, while you’re traveling around the globe, you have no idea where you’ll land. What if you land in a place where the water isn’t as pure as it is at home? You certainly don’t want to hurt your immune system by getting a bug in your stomach through dirty water. 

And since you can’t always get bottled water everywhere, it’s safe to carry a water purifier bottle. Most of these bottles have the capability of transforming any clear natural water into its purest form for your drinking. Don’t retake contaminated water on your trips; you’ll regret it!

RFID Blocking Passport Protector

Imagine getting your passport defaced on a trip; that can sting. You’ll know to locate your embassy for them to make the necessary corrections. With an RFID protector, you’re sure that such events won’t happen on your trip. 

Also, it makes it easy for you to pack your passport, as you’ll always know where it is, reducing your chances of losing it.

Female Urination Device

Whoever said traveling isn’t exactly a fancy event certainly didn’t lie. You have to go to public toilets, among other places you’ll have to visit on your trip that are probably not sanitary. This is true, especially for ladies.

Luckily, though, there’s an exclusive GoGirl device that’ll solve some of the issues for you. You don’t have to pee while sitting on those unsanitary toilets that you visit. With this device, you can pee while standing. This makes it one of the most fantastic travel gadgets that any traveling woman could have!


Some of the fantastic travel gadgets on the market today are about necessity, rather than mere luxury. As such, having these travel gadgets on you can come with great benefits for your next trip.