10 Travel Hacks You’ll Be Thankful to Know

We travel to relax, have fun and to collect new memories, especially when we are with our loved ones. But traveling often comes with surprises. Unexpected surprises that can either make or break our long-awaited vacation.


From those little airport issues to misplaced phone chargers or even lost passports (which can seem really damn bad) you need to be ready.

One way to be fully ready is to familiarize yourself with some nifty travel hacks that will make your travel easy, fun, comfortable and best of all, memorable. So, avoid the delays and always be prepared, here are 10 travel hacks you’ll be thankful to know!


10 nifty travel hacks to remember for your next trip

1. Roll your clothes, don’t fold

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Having a hard time fitting your clothes in your luggage every time you travel? This packing hack is proven and tested effective.

Instead of folding your clothes, roll them into a little tube. This will give you more space and it also protects your clothes from creases and wrinkles.


2. Scan a copy of your passport and email it to yourself or someone close to you

This travel hack will save you from the biggest nightmare of traveling – losing your passport. So if ever that unexpected nightmare happens while you are away from home at least you are ready.

Saving a soft copy of your passport in your phone, will be definitely helpful too! Especially in instances where internet is not available.

3. Don’t bring water to the airport

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You know how airports are strict when it comes to liquid. So instead of bringing a bottle full of water, bring an empty bottle and simply refill it when you pass security.

This ensures there’ll be no delays and you don’t have to make the sacrifice of leaving your favorite water bottle at security.

4. Turn on “private browsing” when booking tickets

Airlines and travel sites have this smart way of tracking you when you book tickets online. They install cookies on your browser and make your next search pricier since you’ve shown interest in those flights before. That supply vs demand thing!

You’ll also receive pop-ups and notifications on your browser about promos you thought will help you save. Wrong! It is often just a trick airlines and travel sites use to encourage impulse buying.

You can avoid this by simply switching to private browsing or going incognito.

5. Charge your electronics through a TV

There are 15 types of electronic outlet plugs in use today. They come in different forms and sizes like the US and EU plug. So, you should take note that there is a big chance that the plug you use in your country will not fit in to the plug being used in the country you are visiting.

Adaptors can save you on this! But in case they are not available, you can make use of that flat screen TV in your hotel room. Charge your electronics through its USB connection port and voila! Problem solved.

6. Get yourself a power bank

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This one is very helpful, especially nowadays in the age of social media, email, video communication and helpful travel apps like Uber and Airbnb. This is all made possible by our smartphones and other electronic gadgets.

So being ready and having a portable charger in case your battery runs out is such a big help. Plus, you don’t need to worry about leaving your electronics when you charge them. You can bring your device wherever you go while recharging it.

7. Use ATM/cash machines to get local currency

Instead of queueing at currency exchange shops it is better to use and withdraw local currency from ATM cash machines.

It is faster and cheaper since you don’t need to pay the high fees and rip-off exchange rates currency exchange companies charge. Another travel hack you should use everywhere you go!

8. Mark your baggage as fragile

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Even if you are not bringing any breakables with you, mark your baggage as fragile. It not only gives your bag a special treatment sticker to be handled correctly, but it will also help your bag find its way to the top of the pile.

This gives you a special treatment too because you don’t need to wait for your baggage on the carousel. Since its on top it’s the first one to go. Sometimes it even comes through on a separate carousel. What a wise travel hack, right?

9. Put your rechargeable batteries in the fridge

According to studies, storing batteries in the freezer helps them retain their charge longer. So if you have battery operated devices when traveling, you can put the batteries in the hotel fridge so you don’t need to charge them as often.

10. Connect with friends when traveling using your smartphone

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Traveling alone and looking for a companion? Well, there are certain apps that can help you find friends to enjoy your journey with.

Apps like Travel Buddies and Backpackr can help you trace and connect with travelers near you. Their itineraries and profiles are also available so you can check if your personalities and interests match.

After all, adventures become more exciting and fun when you have someone with you!

Happy traveling, nad enjoy these travel hacks!