Tea Tree Oil Pregnancy Concerns – See the Risks and Supposed Benefits

If you have just become pregnant and have been on medication, you have to first inquire from your physician whether to continue with it or stop immediately. Smoking and drinking alcohol should stop immediately.


Much as some people say tea tree oil is safe on your skin even during pregnancy – you don’t want to take chances. Especially during the first trimester when the baby is forming.

Since you have no control over how much tea tree oil the body absorbs or how strong it is, it is better to avoid it and be on the safer side. Remember the more the body absorbs, the more the baby takes in too which affects it. Read on to learn more.

Tea Tree Oil Pregnancy Concerns - See the Risks and Supposed Benefits
Image Source: The CLEAR SKIN Essentials

“Natural” Misconception 

Much as tea tree oil is considered a natural remedy; natural is not equivalent to safe. Since you have a developing baby in your uterus, you want to follow the doctors’ advice so you can have a healthy baby. 

The neural tube divides into the brain and spinal cord in the first trimester. Any harmful substances that get to the baby can lead to grave deformities.


Uterine Contractions

Tea tree oil and other essential oils are known to be highly concentrated, and they are potent compared to other substances. 

Also, they are known to cross the placenta getting access to the baby. This leads to uterine contractions which can lead to miscarriages and other pregnancy related issues.


Tea tree oil is known to cause allergies in pregnant mothers. To reduce the effect of allergies, you can dilute it to get less concentrated oil. Depending on how severe the allergies are, they could affect your whole pregnancy. 

Remember that a pregnant woman has a decreased immunity, so you want to avoid any health issues as much as possible.

Ingestion Vs. Inhalation

You should never ingest tea tree oil as the side effects can be lethal to you and the unborn baby. Rather it is advised to apply it topically on your skin and should not be concentrated. 

But, remember when applying it, you can’t avoid inhaling it. Depending on how potent it is, it can cause allergies and depressed behavior. If you inhale too much, it can also lead to a drunken state or confusion.


Tea tree oil in high concentrations is known to cause skin burning and drying. This leads to dehydration which can also affect the baby. 

Anything that affects a pregnant mother, directly, or indirectly affects the baby. If your skin is dry, you’ll want to avoid the sun, but then you will lack vitamin C. 


Tea Tree Oil Pregnancy Concerns - See the Risks and Supposed Benefits
Image Source: Prevention

Tea tree oil is loaded with a number of benefits – provided that you use it correctly. Pregnant mothers want to first inquire from the physician whether it’s safe to use it. 

When you use it correctly (topically and diluted), tea tree oil is known to cure acne, dandruff, lice, and athlete’s foot, among other skin diseases. 

It is also known to improve wound healing, boost immune systems, and relieve colds. But, you are safer trying it to cure these diseases after pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

Much as there is still big controversy surrounding the safety of tea tree oil during pregnancy, one fact is it contains substances that cross the placenta. That means it affects developing baby which may affect it in one way or the other.  

Avoid ingesting tea tree oil as it can cause lethal effects to you and the baby. Also, ensure you dilute it before applying on the skin. Ensure you avoid it altogether in the first trimester.