Stress-Free Packing Tips for a Long Trip

Whether you are going for a weekend getaway or even a long trip, you deserve a stress-free packing experience. Whereas it’s essential to know precisely what to carry for next time, knowing the best packing hacks will go a long way.


Have you always found yourself in a situation where you have so much to carry but no space?

Or do you find yourself having to take three to four bags just for a one-week vacation? Well, this article has put together some tips for stress-free packing.

stress-free packing
Avoid carrying so many suitcases on your next trip.

Always Plan What You Will Wear

If you do not want to overpack or under pack (which is typical for many people) it is always important to plan out what you are going to wear every day of your trip.

This works well if it’s a short trip, but it can also work for longer journeys, as well. Think about whether it will be possible for you to do laundry while on vacation. If not, carry enough outfits for the days you will spend out there. Planning your outfits helps you to bring exactly what you need. It also saves you from stressing every day over what to wear because you have so many choices.


Lay it Flat

Many people prefer rolling their clothes when packing. I have been a victim too, in the past. You will never realize how much room you save once you start laying your clothes flat in the suitcase. This works best when you are traveling with a suitcase, as opposed to a backpack.

If you are traveling with a backpack, rolling your clothes might be the only way to pack. Always start from one corner, and lay all your clothes flat, one piece at a time. You can decide to do this clockwise until you have layers of clothing. This will also keep your clothes from wrinkling.

Make Use of Small Bags

There is a lot of information out there about packing in cubes. While there is no problem with packing cubes, small bags always come in handy for so many reasons. They keep all your things intact, allowing no spilling when you pack your colognes and polishes. Plus, they look cute too.

For your makeup, get a small, sizeable, and stylish bag that will hold all your make up together. This way, you will not have to worry whether you have carried a lot or less makeup. Do you remember that small bag you were given at the make-up counter as a gift? That is the right size of bag to put your makeup and other little things such as jewelry, dirty undergarments, first aid kits, and toiletries in.

Stuff Up Shoes

Well, this is a trick that very few travelers know about. If you are packing shoes, make use of that space inside them. You can put your underwear, socks, or delicate things such as perfumes here. This can protect them from spilling or even bursting.

Stuffing your shoes will not only save space in your suitcase; it will also keep your shoes in shape. The last thing you want is to find your nice pair of heels squished.


If you are looking for stress-free packing tips for your next vacation, consider using these tips. It will not only be a relief; it will also save you that extra dollar you might have to part with at the airport for carrying excess luggage.