Discover 10 Unique Animals that Have Been Raised by People

You may have wondered how dogs became the first domesticated animals. The same thing crossed the mind of Dmitry Belyaev, a Soviet geneticist, and he started doing experiments by domesticating foxes and hosting very docile animal species.


Domestication is a long process that can take several years of behavioral and physical modifications in the population of animals. Today, most pets, though bred in captivity, are not domesticated technically.

Many people want unusual pets but don’t realize that most of these animals require extra intensive attention. It is also important to familiarize yourself with the legal purchasing laws to own a specific animal within your state. Read on to learn more.

See the 10 Animals that Were Raised by People
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Fennec Foxes

Hosting a tiny desert fox in your yard may make this small animal seem like a fish directly out of water. Yet, fennec foxes are indeed among the most famous exotic mammal species. Meaning they survive with their owner since their management is straightforward.

Contrary to other foxes, the fennec foxes make excellent household pets. Most of them use a litter box with varying consistency levels, and their droppings are dry because this mammal retains water well.


This animal can be compared to a ferret, which requires high maintenance. The fennec fox will need an effective enclosure, minimally a ferret’s multi-level enclosure. In tiny rings, these mammals should be freed to play outside daily.

Two-Toed Sloths & Tamanduas

This animal is included in this list to indicate that even though an animal can be wild, it may not have dangerous qualities. Note that not all animals will pounce on you when you are in the same room.

For example, how many individuals will feel the threat of a two-toed sloth? Indeed, this is an animal that a toddler can crawl faster than. However, the sloths require a lot of maintenance so they are still not an easy pet to have.

See the 10 Animals that Were Raised by People
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Today, the amount of captive-bred sloths is not significant, and they are not as popular as pets. For you to accommodate them adequately, they should be afforded a large room with ropes to ascend.

They do have teeth, and the worst thing that can happen is that a person holding them could be scratched. However, they are incapable of causing any harm to other people.

Bennett’s Wallabies

Contrary to kangaroos, these animals are very tiny and do not pose any reasonable threat to anyone. Wallabies are mainly outdoor pets, and they should be kept in an extensive pen with an adequate shelter.

See the 10 Animals that Were Raised by People
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Their owners can seal a link with these animals in the initial stages by holding them in a sling-pouch during their early adolescent stages. Wallabies can thrive domestically with the proper care.

Muntjac Deer

Muntjac deer are hosted as household pets. Also, these creatures are known to be unique compared to their bigger counterparts. These animals are known by their owners for being greatly affectionate.

See the 10 Animals that Were Raised by People
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In case you notice your neighbor keeping a pet deer in the house, that can astonish you, and may probably be problematic.

Though, besides the owners requiring to contain with the extra chewing behavior prone to this species, they are magnificent animals that can thrive when adequately cared for by humans.

Spotted Genets

See the 10 Animals that Were Raised by People
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Individuals who have owned this pet have attested that it is indeed not harmful; though it possesses an intimidating look. This animal is highly energetic, nocturnal, and arboreal.

Additionally, they fuse several aspects of various animals, plus their characteristics, and are advantageous for their owners. However, those of you who would want to hold their pets for extended periods may consider turning this animal down.

Genets are skittish, and they hate the restrain of people. And, the good news for you is that you do not need to worry about your neighbors’ genetic attacking you.

Still, you can expect stretch marks as the owner who interacts with this animal. Also, some people have reported occasional bites and sore nips because of the simple playing, or food protection of the pet genets. However, they have survived such wounds.

Savannah Cats & African Servals

See the 10 Animals that Were Raised by People
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This is probably the most intimidating animal on this list, however, deservedly. But, why do they make to this list? Is it because they make great pets for medium people that keep pets? No, its because they are often grouped with the lions, tigers, and leopards, therefore, resulting in unjust abolition.

This kind of ban had happened in Ohio, due to the thinking of people seeing a wild feline as a big cat. Whereas most servals intimidate regarding their size, their height stems from their long legs.

They resemble cheetahs, and they hunt small prey. A pet serval is unlikely to stalk a kid, even in the worst situation, when it breaks free from the owners’ yard.

Bush Babies

See the 10 Animals that Were Raised by People
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In terms of welfare, it is not easy to protect primate pets because these animals need dedicated owners who possess the knowledge to care for them.

Moreover, the prospective individuals may organize them in groups for them to benefit from the enriched social surrounding. The owners can use that, or they should be people that can spend considerable time with this animal.

Patagonian Cavies and Capybaras

See the 10 Animals that Were Raised by People
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Most counties or states that exclude rodents from their knowledge of exotic/wild animals may want to know which animals are fit for such a definition. The capybaras are the biggest rodents globally. This feature would attract interest from a crowd of individuals who are experienced in non-exotic pets.

Yet, in case you possess a yard containing a source of water such as a deep pond or a pool, these massive rodents can offer you enjoyment because they posit no danger to the people not involved with its well-being.

Moreover, the Patagonian cavies are a tiny yet more terrestrial form of the species; with both these associated with the pigs from Guinea that require roaming room and are not harmful.

The ideology of having a large rodent as your pet may astound another individual; however, it is a harmless pet that any desiring individual can keep.


See the 10 Animals that Were Raised by People
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Celebrities have given bad names to the people that own exotic pets because of mishandling. However, any logical person can summarize that this arboreal creature cannot thrive in unfamiliar circumstances or bright light.

Note that you cannot own this animal if you live in California. Ownership of exotic pets needs some bits of common knowledge and some tricks with animals.

Paris Hilton got attacked by the small mammal, yet she responded by visiting a hospital where she undertook tetanus treatment, and her bites were termed “superficial”. That means that this animal can cause you no physical deformities.

Kinkajous need an extended cage, and they require an outlet at night for their energy. If you consistently handle them well, they can turn out to be marvelous pets for the genuine animal enthusiasts.

Boa Constrictors

See the 10 Animals that Were Raised by People
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Probably you know that all reptiles are not domesticated and are seen as exotic breeds. Besides, the majority of them are mainly harmless.

However, this animal has somehow got respect and a name to be on the same level as the most dangerous and responsible animals for multiple fatalities; the reticulated python and the Burmese python.

Therefore, boa constrictors’ owners have no cause for worry. The animal possesses no threat chances because there has been only one recorded death by this species back in 2010


With the right handling, experience, and animal smarts, you can own a pet different from the usual cats and dogs! Consider these animals in the future if you want to have an exotic animal.