See the 7 Most Beautiful Waterfalls to Visit Around the World

Taking a trip across the world has got to be on almost everyone’s bucket list. There are some sceneries that will pain you if you happen to leave this world without seeing them. And, for most lovers of nature specifically, waterfalls are on that specific list.


While there are a number of waterfalls all across the world, there are others that are way more beautiful than most. These beautiful waterfalls are scattered all across the world and it will take you a trip through the globe to see all.

So, what makes these specific waterfalls beautiful? Well, you can find out more about the beautiful waterfalls by reading below. 

See the 7 Most Beautiful Waterfalls to Visit Around the World
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Jog Falls

The first one that you definitely want to have a look at is one that is pleasant throughout the year. With Jog Falls, you’re looking at a waterfall that is around 253 meters high and one of the steepest that you can find in India – it actually is the second steepest. 

Kaieteur Falls

If you love the Amazon then this is one of the falls that any waterfall junkie would be interested in. What makes this fall stand out is that it is the largest single-drop waterfall in the world. It’s also about 226 meters high and one of South American hidden treasure inside Guyana.


Yosemite Falls

When you’re in the U.S., you may never have the feeling like there is a waterfall that you want to see. But in California, there’s one that will not only capture your attention, it will also have you singing praises after you experience it. 

The fall gasps around 740 meters and is one of the biggest waterfalls that you can find anywhere across the globe.

Victoria Falls

If you’re a waterfall junkie and never heard of Victoria Falls, then you have some learning to do. This is one of the most popular falls all across the globe and a good number of people want to visit. The fact that it’s in between two countries (Zambia and Zimbabwe) makes it all the more intriguing.

Standing at around 107 meters, it isn’t the highest waterfall by any measure, but it is that largest in terms of the sheet of falling water. This is a once in a lifetime feel when you make that trip and can be accessed all year long.

Angel Falls

One of the most beautiful sites about waterfalls is the height that some have. And, when it comes to that, no other can match up to Angel Falls in Venezuela. 

It stands at an impressive 979 meters high making it the highest singular waterfall in the world. You can, however, only plan trips between June and December alone.

Gullfoss Falls

When you’re in Iceland, your main aim is usually not on waterfalls despite it having one of the iconic ones in the world. Gullfoss gives you an insight into the true nature of the country when you’re at the top. 

Plitvice Falls

See the 7 Most Beautiful Waterfalls to Visit Around the World
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If you’re looking for a place to go in July, August, and September, then if you’re a waterfall lover, you should visit Croatia. Specifically, the Plitvice Falls as you get not only a park experience, but also the beauty of a 77m high waterfall. 

This is one of the tourist attraction and you’ll be in good company with over 1 million tourists going there every year.


When it comes to waterfalls, the highest ones aren’t necessarily the most beautiful. There are a number of factors that you need to consider, as you have seen above. 

These are some of the most beautiful waterfalls that you can visit. You’ll probably want to visit them all as they give different all-around experiences.