Learn How to Get Coins in 8 Ball Pool

When was the last time you enjoyed a game of pool? So, how about having the game at the palm of your hand every single day?


You can have just that with the 8 Ball Pool game that is available on almost all mobile devices. When you have this game, the next thing that you have to worry about is the in-game currency. Currencies carry a number of objectives and with this game, you can certainly be ahead with them.

In this case, you have coins to help you get through some of the toughest states of the game. Read on to learn how to get coins in 8 Ball Pool.

Learn How to Get Coins in 8 Ball Pool
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8 Ball Pool

If you are a fan of pool then you have got to be a fan of 8 Ball Pool as it gives you more or less the same feel as you would in an actual pool game. The difference is that you have coins here are that can make the game interesting.

For example, there are some cues that you are likely to miss, that’s when the coins can come in handy. Whilst in the actual game you can’t get cheats or rescue, here you can if you have the right amount of coins.


And, like most games, you can buy the coins with actual money but most people would rather just get them for free. And, there are a number of ways that you can use to get the coins through the game. The methods can be hard or they can be tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it with time.

Facebook Login

The first and probably the easiest way you can get coins in 8 Ball Pool is by logging into your Facebook account. When you have launched the game, you need to login to Facebook on the social sharing section. This also gives you an opportunity to share with your connections about your game advancement.

Watching Videos

The other easy way that you can get coins is by watching ad videos through the game, while you play. Once an ad shows up, ensure you watch it to the end and your reward will be coins.

Become a Collector

Believe it or not, but you can make more coins by simply stocking up the number of coins you have. The idea here is to collect as many as you can to buy the best cues you can and make the best hits.

When you have the best cues and have made all the right hits, you can earn more coins and get the show on the road.

Hit the Right Shots

For another way to get more coins, you need to hit the right shots in the game. You not only get the congratulatory messages for them, but you also get added coins. You need to perform at a high standard when taking the shots also.

For example, if you can make all the right hits for all the balls consistently, you’ll have a higher coin count when you’re done. So, the idea is to not only hit the right shot but also do it consistently.

Daily Spin

You have a daily spin that gives you a chance to get coins though this isn’t a consistent or assured way to get coins. It’s more of luck as to if you get the coins and how much you can get. 

Using Pool Ball Coins

Learn How to Get Coins in 8 Ball Pool
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If you don’t want to get the coins through gameplay, you can get them through downloading the Pool Ball Coins app. This will however entail you having to spend money, so you really should look at it as only a last option.


You can get coins when you play 8 Ball Pool through a number of ways. Some of them are listed above and you should look to explore them if you want to level up in the game. Some are tricky while others just require you to watch a video or two and get coins.