Safest Destinations in Africa for Solo Travelers

Africa is one of those continents that will never disappoint when it comes to destinations. It’s even more enjoyable because traveling solo is also an adventure on its own. You get to let loose and be you unapologetically, without the fear of getting in the way of friends or family.


Africa has been negatively portrayed as an unsafe, war-stricken area that is unsafe for travelers. Such kinds of negative representation make solo travelers so afraid to visit some places on the continent.

This article is to castigate that undesirable info and bring to your attention the safest destinations in Africa that will give you an experience of a lifetime. Don’t let fear and negative media hold you back from the pleasure of traveling alone, and to what better continent than Africa? Let’s delve into these breathtaking places together.

Safest travel destinations in Africa for solo travelers.


For travelers that love wildlife and nature, Rwanda is a must-visit. It is home to rare gorillas and other varying wildlife. Nyungwe Forest National park, located in the southern part of Rwanda, offers an experience of its own. Here, travelers can trek through the thick forests and hike.

As you trek, you might cross paths with one or more primates out of the 13 species that call this area home. The mountains of Muhabura are also in a clear view. Notably, incidences of crime and violence in Rwanda are very minimal, thanks to the security forces of Rwanda. That’s probably why Rwanda ranks among the most visited places in Africa



There is no doubt that Kenya is one of Africa’s most popular countries. Travelers have a wide range and variety of destinations to choose from. Kenya is known for its astounding hospitality and enthusiasm when welcoming visitors. Much as there have been reports of political conflict along the coast, overall, the country remains stable, thus being a safe destination for solo travelers.

Even when in its capital of Nairobi, the chances of a traveler getting security issues are so minimal. However, it doesn’t hurt always to be cautious.

While you’re here, note that The Great Masai Mara Migration is breathtaking. You can’t afford to miss it. Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to Kenya to witness it. Other beautiful places include Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru, and the beautiful sandy beaches by the coast.


Ghana is a beautiful country to visit all year round. Ghana, for so long, has been known for its stable and safe political climate. Ghana is also known as the gem of West Africa.

It’s home to bustling cities, breathtaking landscapes, and the gorgeous coast. While there, make sure you visit Kakum National Park. Here you will appreciate a rainforest that houses a large number of endangered species.

Also, you can’t afford to miss the canopy walk that features seven rope bridges, which are suspended 39.6m (130ft) above the ground. Important to note is that, just like any other major city of the world, it is not advisable to walk alone in Accra in the dead of night.


Other safe destinations for solo travelers are Ethiopia with its Simien Mountains and beautiful landscape. Tanzania is also safe and is home to Mount Kilimanjaro – the tallest mountain in Africa – and the Serengeti National park. Namibia and Botswana are also safe destinations.

However, it is advisable always to be cautious, regardless of the place you visit. Significant cities still have isolated cases and cannot just be ignored. Fun should always be accompanied with caution. These are the safest destinations in Africa. Enjoy your solo trip!