Interesting Facts About Bhutan That You Need To Know

Today, there are several interesting facts about Bhutan that intrigue the world. Bhutan has rapidly risen to become one of the most talked-about countries since it opened its doors to tourism in the 1970s. It is an isolated nation of just under 800,000 individuals, although it’s still close to the world’s most populated countries, like China. Bhutan, a Buddhist kingdom on the eastern edge of the Himalayas, is renowned for its monasteries, fortifications and spectacular landscapes ranging from subtropical plains to steep hills and valleys.


What makes Bhutan special? Bhutan is known worldwide to be a country that uses ‘Gross National Happiness’ to measure the nation’s well-being as an alternative to the Gross National Product. This concept means that sustainable development should adopt a holistic strategy to advance ideas and give equal significance to non-economic elements of well-being.

Bhutan, though a small country, has been making a name to be the happiest place on Earth. Though the country does not claim that they are, tourists who visit Bhutan come back more satisfied than ever. Here are some interesting facts about Bhutan.

Here are some interesting facts about Bhutan.
Bhutan is known for its monasteries and unique landscapes. Photo credits to:

Bhutan Loves Nature

Another fact about Bhutan is that it is almost covered with forests all over the country. Photo credits to:

Because of the Bhutanese profound traditional reverence for nature, the nation places a powerful emphasis on flora and fauna preservation. Bhutan is the world’s first country with constitutional commitments on its individuals to always maintain at least 60% of the nation under forest cover. Over 72% of the land is currently forested today.

Power is produced hydro-electrically through turbines that are positioned straight in waterways without the need to build dams. The government offers free solar panels for distant villages with no access to energy lines.


Since 1999, plastic bags have been prohibited in Bhutan. The Bhutanese use cotton bags for their foodstuffs instead of using plastic bags to maintain the environment’s free from non-biodegradable rubbish status.

Bhutanese People Love Spicy Foods

“Ema Datshi” is known as a common Bhutanese food. Photo credits to:

Another fact about Bhutan is that they are in love with spicy dishes. Chili is found in almost every meal in Bhutan – whether in a restaurant, in a hotel, or in a farmhouse. They eat several types of chili. The bright red chili is a popular type that is generally left on the roofs to dry and then stir-fried with beef cubes and spinach. Another popular spicy dish in Bhutan is the green chili, cut into slices and boiled with a cheese called ema datshi.’

Bhutanese cuisine is a combination of simple ingredients, flavors from China, and a hint of Himalayan style.

Bhutan Bans Smoking

Among the facts about Bhutan, you should know that they have banned smoking.
Bhutan prohibits smoking in all public spaces nationwide. Photo credits to:

Bhutan prohibited plantations and the selling of any tobacco products. Bhutan is the only country in the world today that totally prohibits the sale and manufacture of tobacco — and, of course, smoking is not permitted in public places. Tourists and the elite of Bhutan can take in 200 cigarettes, but ask your guide to discover a lighting spot.

Archery Is Bhutan’s National Sport

One of the facts about Bhutan is that archery is its national sport.
In Bhutan, archery is played by both men and women across the country. Photo credits to:

The national sport of Bhutan is dha–archery. Every village has a field of archery, and there are grounds for improvement throughout the nation. Dha, if not a solely masculine sport, is a male-dominated activity, but both female and male tourists are encouraged to play the game. You can watch a local match on the town’s archery grounds.

Bhutanese People Wear Their National Dress

Bhutan implements the use of traditional clothing just like their ancestors used to. Photo credits to:

One of the many ways that Bhutan maintains its arts and traditions is by having its people wear its national clothing. They dress traditionally in schools, public buildings, and on all official occasions. In the civil service, the Bhutanese people are anticipated to wear traditional gho for males and kira for females.


Bhutan has been isolated from the world until the 1970s. Today, Bhutan is known to be one of the happiest places in the world for so many reasons.

Don’t miss to chance to experience these interesting facts about Bhutan and its unique local traditions. And while you’re at it, know these tips to make friends with locals when you visit Bhutan.