Important Tips On How To Write Your Travel Journal

If you are searching online for a “travel journal”, you can find all kinds of different items and examples. You might see pretty calendars, scrapbooks, junk newspapers, and art newspapers. You also might see sketchbooks, traveler’s journals, travel writing prompts, or digital photo apps. Just trying to define what a travel journal is, can cause a lot of confusion. Luckily, there are really no rules for what your unique travel journal looks like.


Traveling has the potential to wildly fulfill you. It introduces you to new cultures, diverse viewpoints, and unique experiences. The more you travel, the more you push yourself out of your comfort zone. The more you get out of your comfort zone, the more you’ll learn about yourself and the world around you.

This is why having a travel journal helps. Travel journals are a place to write about the journeys you’ve taken, what you’ve experienced, and the lessons you’ve learned. It’s an adventure, story, memory, and discovery collection. You could also make an online trip journal that can go anywhere with you. Do you want to make your own travel journal? Read these tips to get started. 

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Start Your Journal Before Your Travel

You can begin your travel journal before your trip even begins. Use your diary to start planning the things that you want to do. It can be anything from eating at a nice restaurant to a walk that you want to go on to various sights that you want to see. Write down what’s on your checklist for your journey so you don’t forget anything.

You can do some research once you know what you want to do and figure out the best way to do it. If you’d like to go and see a unique monument, find out the best way to get there and put it in your diary.


Write About Your Travel Expectations

Your destination is sometimes wildly different from what you had imagined. No matter what it is, consider writing it down before you arrive. Comparing those predictions to what you actually experienced will be interesting. You might have expected the local food to be bad, but it turned out that you loved it.

Add Photos In Your Travel Journal

Although your journal is meant for you to write in, pictures are still worth a thousand words. Combining photographs with your first-hand accounts of what they represent, or what happened at the time they were shot, will make your journeys even more detailed. You can add photos by taping or gluing them directly into your journal so they do not fall out.

Write About Why You’re Taking This Trip

It’s certainly not that every vacation needs clarification or every holiday needs an excuse. People travel for all sorts of different reasons or for no reason at all. Regardless, write about it if your travel has a meaning. It could simply be that you just needed a break from your day-to-day life. That reason is good enough!


Always reflect on your trip and write about it when you feel like it. Reflect on the new experiences you have had, what has made you uncomfortable, and what has made you enticed. Did you learn something new on the trip about yourself? Has something that you hadn’t seen in yourself before been revealed? Traveling can help humans grow. Think of your journey and whether it helped you develop in any way.

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