How to Use iPhone Shortcut to Record Interactions With Police

After the Minneapolis police officers brutally attacked George Floyd contributing to his death, there have been numerous protests across the world. In such a time, people need the iPhone shortcut, which helps easy recording when interacting with the police.


When you are stopped by police or taken in for questioning, you can now use this app to your advantage to protect your rights. This app helps you remain updated, and in case you feel threatened by the police, you can later take the recording as evidence.

In 2018, Robert Peterson revealed this shortcut on Reddit. It allows you to trigger different series of actions when you use the assistant Siri which is the Apple voice feature. This app guarantees an easy way for you to start recording your encounter with the police instantly.

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Apple’s Voice Assistant Siri Feature

When you are pulled over by the police, record a voice and, for instance, say “Siri I am being pulled over.” After this message, the program on your iPhone activates instantly and starts recording.

During George Floyd protests, people are finding themselves in tough situations when questioned by the police. With the Siri voice app, you are safe and sure that you will have all your rights protected. The Minneapolis police took advantage of George Floyd’s situation, but this is no longer the case.


This app can help stop police brutality in any part of the world. When the program is activated, the music will stop and turn down the brightness. Moreover, the app enables the do not disturb feature. You will record the conversation without alerting the police.

You can also set the Siri Apple Voice app to send a text message to a selected contact. The signal alerts the person of your choice that you have been pulled over and your location. Once you finish the recording, you can send the incident to the chosen contact.

Consider backing up this conversation to your iCloud even when the phone is taken away; you can still have the incident. The iCloud allows you to access the event on another device when you don’t have your iPhone.

How Does the iPhone Shortcut Operate

When protesting or whenever you find yourself in a tough situation with the police, the new iPhone shortcut will help you protect your rights. The first step involves downloading it into your phone to start benefiting from this app.

Go to Apple Store or Google store and download the Siri app. Then activate it on your shortcut by tapping the gallery button. On the bottom of the screen, you will see the gallery button then select the alternative. Go to the iPhone settings, then click on shortcuts and allow the untrusted shortcuts.

This app works effectively on any iPhone. You will need to download the Safari browser and install it into your app. Protests are going on across the globe as people continue seeking for a viable solution to avoid police brutality as well as look for a way to eradicate racism.

Benefits of iPhone Shortcut to Record

Using the iPhone shortcut to record incidences with the local authorities is a good idea. It will help increase police accountability and transparency. It’s becoming more relevant to document police interactions, and this began after the Minneapolis police killed George Floyd.

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This app allows you to use your iPhone anonymously to record the encounter with the police and thus protect your rights. Note that when the police confiscate the phone, it will be switched off, tagged as evidence, and bagged. You will not have access for a while.

However, do not panic since the app allows you to send the incident to another person or save it to the cloud. The recording will be stopped when a record is traced on your phone by the arresting officer.

Bottom Line

Apps can help you in many ways. There is a dire need for you to protect your rights from police brutality, especially with the ongoing protests on racism and police brutality. 

This app allows you to download the app then install this new shortcut app for the iPhone. It enables you to record an incident with the police anonymously then send it to the cloud or another contact.