How to Apply for the CIBC Aventura Visa Card  

Credit cards are no longer the luxury cards they were thought to be when they hit the market. Before, they were more designed for enhancing and maintaining social standings, but today, credit cards are more than that. They are how some people are able to meet their daily obligations.


They (credit cards), however, are fast becoming more than your normal financial tool. You also get to earn with them rewards ranging from travel miles to cashback, among others. A card like the CIBC Aventura Visa is just one of the cards that you not only can pay with, but can earn rewards with, too.

With benefits like travel rewards, among others, this is a card you should get. You can get to know how you can earn those rewards by reading on below. Information on fees and how you can apply for this card can also be found here.


Benefits & Features Of The CIBC Aventura Visa Card

When you sign up for this card, you get to earn, first of all, 5,000 points within the first 60 days. You earn the points by achieving a series of activities within the said 60 days. The next part is you get to earn 2,500 points within the first 4 month statements when you spend at least $500.


For every $1 spent at drug stores, grocery, and gas stations, you earn 1 point. For all your other purchases at the CIBC rewards center for your travel expenses, you get to earn 1 point. You then get to earn 1 point for every $2 you spend on all your other purchases.

The good thing about the points you earn here is that they don’t expire. That means you can accumulate them for a long period of time and still get to use them. They can be redeemed for airline seats on all airlines, and that is on every seat that you’d like to book.

Lastly, when you have this card, you get $100,000 in insurance for common carrier accidents. You also get an auto rental insurance for collision and loss damages. Then, there’s also a purchase security insurance for protection on your various purchases.

Eligibility & How To Apply For The CIBC Aventura Visa Card

Like every other card in the market, there are certain criteria that you have to meet before you can get this card. First among them is that you have to be earning at least $15,000 annually. That is quite reasonable and within the reach of most people today.

You, of course, have to be at least 18 years old to be eligible for this card. You then need to be a Canadian resident, if not a citizen, if you want to apply for this card. And you can easily apply for the card by visiting the CIBC website.

To apply for the card, you can choose to either visit the CIBC website and begin your application process or walk into a branch of the bank. For an online application, just go to the website, then click on the personal banking menu, then go to credit cards and choose the card you want. In this case the CIBC Aventura Visa Card. Alternatively, you can use this link to begin your application process.

Fees & Charges

When it comes to fees, just like most cards in the market, you have to own up to some fees to enjoy using the card. In this case, the best part about this specific card is that there are no annual fees. Not even for the supplementary cards (of which you can get up to 3).

However, you have an interest that should be paid for, and here you get a 19.99% on your purchases and up to 22.99% on all your cash advances. For your balance transfers, you also have to pay up an interest rate of around 22.99% if you want to continue enjoying using this card.

There are some other fees, too, like the late payment fees and others that you can get to find out about by looking at the CIBC website.

Bank’s Contact Info & Address

To get in touch with the bank or a representative, you can easily call the customer care hotline 24/7 by calling 000 1 514-861 -9898. The bank’s main office is in Toronto.


If you’re looking for a card that has no annual fees and still offers you some of the best rewards for traveling, this is the card for you. The CIBC Aventura Visa is one of the low maintenance cards out there for people with an average budget today.