How To Afford Travelling Abroad When You Need To Pay The Rent

Do you ever wonder how some people can literally jump on a flight to a tropical island somewhere, spend their days relaxing… having fun… eating good food… (and Instagramming it all), only to return home a few months later and settle straight back into their own humble abode?


How does that happen?

Don’t they have rent or a mortgage to pay? Bills piling up? And how the heck do they afford accommodation while they travel on top of what they pay back home?


All these questions used to run through my mind every time I’d see people travelling a lot, but not like nomads without a fixed address, more just like people who could afford travelling abroad nearly every month.

Was I missing something?


After doing a little research, I came across this guy who was doing exactly what I just described – literally taking off and spending 3 months in Indonesia… going on business trips… visiting friends and family in other parts of the country…

And do you want to know the best part?

He was never out of pocket.

Up until now he rents a pad in San Francisco (officially named the most expensive city in the US to rent) and he travels as much as he likes without having to dig into any savings account, take out costly loans or rack up masses of credit card debt.

So how does he do it you may be wondering? Well I was totally surprised when I found out…

If you can’t stop thinking about that luxury vacation you’ve been planning since forever, or that amazing European backpacking trip you never got the chance to do, listen up, because this may change your whole world around…

Here’s how to afford travelling abroad when you’ve got rent to pay:

1. He rents a place, just like you probably do;

2. He jumps online and lists that place for thousands of tourists to stay in during their visit to San Francisco (for less than the cost of a hotel room and more than the cost of his rent);

3. He goes travelling and makes more than enough money to cover his rent, expenses and time abroad.

Even when he’s not travelling he lists his spare room as a ‘private room’ and earns up to $120 per night from it.

In fact, just last year he made $60,000 using this technique alone. Not even joking! Take out the price of his rent ($3,000 per month) along with utility, maintenance & cleaning fees ($500 per month), and he was still left with $18,000 ($1,500 per month) to sip coconuts all day in Bali.

If that’s not a genius way to travel, pay rent, and earn some extra money all at the same time, I don’t know what is!

After having so much success using this technique, he put together a helpful step-by-step guide teaching the exact system he uses to continuously cover his monthly rent, travel more and pocket extra cash at the end of it all.

It’s called: Hacking AirBnb (and you can click here to learn more)

Put it this way, you could be well on your way to earning $5,000 a month while you travel – enough to cover your rent and pay for most, if not, all of your trip.

Think about it… On average it costs around $1,200 to spend a comfortable month in Thailand. If your rent sits somewhere around $1,800 per month and an extra $500 goes towards expenses, you still have $2,300 out of $5,000 to spare. Oh the amount of delicious noodle soup you could be enjoying!

Just because you have somewhere to call “home” now it doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea of travelling. In fact, in this day and age it’s more possible than ever to rent (or even own) a home and feed your wanderlust at the same time.

Need to see it to believe it? Watch these videos and you too could be jetting off to a tropical island somewhere, spending your days relaxing… having fun… eating good food… (and Instagramming it all), only to return home a few months later and settle straight back into your own humble abode.

Here’s the link again: Hacking AirBnb (and you can click here to learn more)

Your turn: Do you rent your house out while you travel? Do you have any tips to add? Comment below!