The Best Hair Care Tips You Can Learn From Indian Women

Is your hair unhealthy? It takes few efforts to recognize unhealthy hair since its always falling off. Many people consider hair as a source of beauty. Therefore, it is important to care of it to help it look its best and maintain your confidence. If you need some tips for this, you may be able to ask Indian women.


Over the years, Indians have proven to have healthy, long hair raising the question of what their secret is. There must be a reason why so many Indian women and long and luscious hair, right?

Luckily for you, we have identified some of their best tricks to keep their hair looking fabulous. Unhealthy hair should no longer be a problem since there are several Indian secrets to help keep your hair healthy. These tricks have been tested and discovered to be effective for anyone to use.


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Use Natural Hair Products

The primary source of unhealthy hair begins when you continually use shampoo and conditioners filled with a variety of harmful chemicals. Most Indians refrain from using shampoo and conditioners. Instead, Indian women use the Shikakai mix to replace shampoo.


Moreover, dried hibiscus, amla, and orange peels work effectively as a replacement for conditioners. Most conditioners and shampoos are made with chemicals that affect the skin and hair follicles, thus limiting the growth of your hair.

The natural hair products work effectively for any hair and skin with no side effects. Plus, it’s affordable as compared to purchasing commercial hair products. Moreover, you can consider aloe vera juice for your hair to do away with any dandruff and clean your hair adequately.

Hair Straightening

If you have long hair, consider visiting a professional saloon for proper straightening. Regular home straightening results in burning your hair. Therefore, you will have patches of short hair. if you want a uniform hair alignment, the professional saloons will cover all the corners of your head.

Natural Hair Drying

When you dry your hair with a drier regularly, you are exposing it to damage. Hair driers expose your hair to high heat and pressure at a close distance damaging the follicles. Instead of using a hairdryer, so you should consider letting your hair dry naturally.

Natural elements such as the sun and wind will help your hair dry within no time. It’s worth the wait to dry your hair naturally to avoid damage in the long run.

Hot Oil Hair Massage

Hair massages are essential to hair skin and follicles. A hot oil hair massage involves using natural products such as coconut oil, olive oil, or aloe vera. The massage should be done by an expert, ensuring they cover each corner of your head.

A hair massage relaxes the root hair muscles, thus enhancing growth and strengthening the skin. You will no longer experience any hair loss or damage when using essential oils for your hair. Indians often use these essential oils, that is why they have long and healthy hair. For instance, coconut oil is commonly used by Indian women since it penetrates deep into the scalp and prevents any hair damage.

Avoid Loose Hair While On A Bike

While riding a bike, there is always a strong wind that exerts a lot of pressure on the hair. Such wind is harmful to the hair and can cause damage. Therefore, you should tie back your hair whenever riding a bike. You can also consider putting on a helmet to protect your hair from any damage.

Natural Hair Moisturizing Products

After drying your hair naturally, you need to apply vaseline petroleum jelly to the scalp to keep it moisturized. Spread the jelly with your fingers all throughout your scalp for effective results. You can also use lavender or rosemary oils for your hair to protect the scalp from dryness and damage.

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Bottom Line

If you want to achieve great results for your hair, use natural products designed with natural active ingredients such as coconut. Natural hair products are easy to make, and most of them supplement shampoos and conditioners. You must be ready to adopt a safe routine for washing, drying, and protecting your hair. Most Indian women use homemade hair cleaners and moisturizers, thus their long and healthy hair.