Gorgeous Must-See Places In Europe

There are various sites around the world that hold astounding beauty and attract thousands of tourists each year. One section of the world, in particular, that has many of these sites is Europe. Europe has some of the most stunning locations in the world. So, you certainly won’t regret your visit. Right after Australia, Europe is the second smallest country in the world.


Despite Europe’s small size, there are bountiful gorgeous places to see. With a variety of different countries and cultures to experience, you might even want to go back for more. In addition, the continent has an extremely rich history to be explored.

Are you curious about which sites in Europe should be at the top of your list? Below are various places that are more than worth a visit. Take a look at these stunning locations and start planning your next trip!


Tunnel Of Love, Klevan, Ukraine

In Ukraine, there is a tunnel stretching over half a mile, and most people refer to it as the most romantic sight in the country. According to the locals, the tunnel legend goes that when a genuinely in-love couple makes a wish together, their dream will come true. The tunnel has bright green colours and the best time to see it is in May and August when it is fully engulfed.


The Azores, Portugal

Made up a few islets and nine volcanic islands, this site is an archipelago.This sites beauty is unique, and it is the best place for fresh air and cooling your adrenaline. There are blue whales in the Azores and a wide range of undiscovered adventures on these islands. These islands offer a hotel and a chain of restaurants, and therefore a thrilling journey awaits anyone willing to make this fantastic trip.

Bruges, Belgium

This city is among the oldest historic settlements in Belgium. It was used for commercial purposes and over the years it has maintained its historic charm. Anyone willing to make a trip here is guaranteed to have their mind blown by the original Gothic constructions which are the source of this old town’s beauty. It is a source of information to learn more about ancient designs.

Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

The park covers approximately 13% of Iceland, spanning over 5,300 square miles. Thus, it has been named as the largest national park in Western Europe. A trip to this place guarantees amazing natural beauty.

The white glacier (jökull) descends to the black sands and the hot streams from the frozen banks of ice. There is also a great view of the highest mountain prevailing over the deepest proglacial lake.

Ronda, Spain

Ronda is among the most visited cities in Spain. It sits above a deep ravine and is surrounded by lush river valleys. It’s recommended for its unforgettable view over the El Tajo gorge. A visit to this place will lead you to Puente Nuevo sites and the most famous Parador hotels. You may also have a chance to experience bullfighting activities.

Cliffs Of Moher, Ireland

The beauty of this part of Europe has captured the hearts of millions of visitors. The site stretches for five miles through the Atlantic coast in the county of Clare. This is a spectacular sight for visitors.

Bottom Line

Europe has everything a traveler could ever ask for. The sites and natural beauties will leave you amazed and wanting to explore more. Europe’s history, architecture, and culture will make you feel like you never want to leave.