Get Inspired by These Different Cultures that Still Live Off the Land

The largest population in the world relies on farm produce and livestock, be it wild or domestic. Some cultures, such as hunting, farming, gathering, and livestock rearing, have been there for many years providing food to people.


Indeed, you will never go for a day without eating farm produce or animal products. Most people live on and eat vegetables and fruits, too, especially as the vegan diet becomes ever so increasingly popular. These cultures play an important role in promoting the way we live and ensuring you remain healthy to see the next day.

It’s essential to embrace these cultural practices that still live off the land. You can never have farm produce without the work that goes into it. Even though most areas are crowding with people and buildings, there is still a need to embrace farming, hunting, gathering, and keeping livestock.

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Hunters and Gathers

Hunters and gatherers rely on their kills and whatever is suitable to collect off the land, which sustains them. Many people relied on this type of life until the invention of planned agriculture – the kind of agriculture we know today, which is distributed to people in mass quantities. However, not every group embraced agriculture or pastoralism.

There is a small group of people who still practice hunting and gathering to one extent or another. They live in small communities and mostly in secluded areas. These people don’t have any political office, and they divide the tasks by gender or age.


Mostly, you will find the men hunting, while the females search for firewood and gather plants to cook. For many years they lived undisturbed by other people, but after the anthropologists discovered them, only a few remain today. They rely on land solely for food. Their primary objective is survival and also have unity amongst their communities.

Some hunting and gathering groups today include the Aka from the republic of Congo, Dobe in Namibia, Toba in Argentina, and Lengua in Paraguay, to name a few. They still practice hunting and gathering as their primary culture.

It’s right to say that these people are familiar in undeveloped areas, mostly Africa. They live in a rural area where technology is not an option.


When agriculture was introduced, people started embracing it with time, and today this is the largest industry across the world. Some people solemnly rely on farming to sustain themselves. These people are mostly vegan and only have farm produces.

In most parts of the world, there is a group of people who either farm food for sale and use, and others, who plant for their subsistence. Technology has improved modern farming, allowing people to spend less time tailoring the land.

People can now use machines; however, they are mostly found in rural areas. Farmers mostly live in groups, especially in space where there is large scale farming. You will find a village on one end and the land on the other.

How These Cultures Inspire People to Live Sustainably

It is possible to live a sustainable life when you use natural resources sparingly. Hunters and gatherers play an essential role in inspiring people to hunt only enough to feed them for the rest of the next day. They hunt for a small meal to sustain them that day, and such culture is needed today to conserve Earth’s resources.

Modern society suffers from environmental damage. However, when you are looking forward to livening a sustainable life, consider reducing the carbon footprint. There is much offered by nature; therefore, spend your time more on exploring such opportunities.

Hunters and gathers survive on what is given by Mother Nature. For this reason, they don’t contribute to global warming as much as more modern society does. When you adopt such a culture, the world will have a better chance of reducing global warming.

Moreover, farming, on the other hand, has a significant impact on providing food. Modern agriculture has a considerable effect on increasing the carbon footprint, especially the greenhouses. For this reason, it’s essential to embrace traditional and organic farming, which will benefit the world.

There are many farm chemicals used today that harm the body. However, this is not the case with traditional farming. These cultures are an essential foundation for a healthy, sustainable life.

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Bottom Line

Cultures that still live off the land are a significant inspiration for you when you want to live a sustainable life. For instance, hunting and gathering are natural and rely on what’s provided by nature. 

Moreover, traditional farming does not encourage the use of chemical products, which causes many diseases. get inspired by some sustainable cultures around the world to make a difference in how the Earth is treated for generations to come.