Does working from home sound appealing to you? Do you want to make some extra money working from home on your own schedule? You are in luck then. If you want to work from home, you can get an online typing job.


Online, you’ll find work for all typing skill levels, from beginner to home-based expert typists. This is a great opportunity for those who are looking to make some money without leaving their homes.

When it comes to an online typing job, there are a variety of positions that you could fill. To learn more about these opportunities and what they require, continue reading.

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What Is A Typing Job

Typing jobs may include basic data entry jobs and different forms of transcription jobs. A lot of the typing jobs can be done with your own schedules at any time of day. You can even perform some in the evening or at night.

Jobs to enter data electronically require typing data from one source to another using a keyboard. Most companies outsource data entry work to big corporations that recruit independent contractors working in their homes.


If you’re looking for a flexible, non-phone job from home, the best option is data entry. Beware though, of the many scams out there associated with work openings for data entry. Relevant research should be conducted to identify legitimate businesses.

Different Online Typing Jobs

Data Entry

Data entry is just about everyone who can do the most straightforward job of typing. However, if you are not a fast typist, you may be able to improve your typing over time.

Without experience, you can break into data entry work. Data entry work requires a typist, who also uses a computer keyboard to enter data into a business or client program.

Data entry operators can need to review or edit data when inputting the data. For certain projects, you may need to have some understanding of the data you are entering to ensure that it is all correct.


If you’re a good listener, and you have a fast and accurate typing ability, then transcription is a perfect home typing job for you.

This work includes listening to and typing in readable texts of audio files such as dictation, lectures, interviews, speeches, podcasts, and videos. Often, you have to meet tight deadlines, but you can do it according to your own timetable.

General transcription occupations do not demand that you have any unique ability other than strong typing skills. Medical and legal transcription jobs can require some skill, preparation, and educational qualifications from the typists.


Like transcribing, in this position, you will be listening to an audio file and transcribing what you hear to create video captions.

This is helpful for audio that is hard to understand or for those who want to watch a video with the sound off, as well as for the hearing impaired.

Captioning appears to be more detailed and rigorous than transcription. It may often include background noise notation and other subtleties. With different pre-recorded video files, closed captioning jobs range from filmed seminars to TV programs.

Where Can You Start Out


SmartCrowd (formerly known as VirtualBee) is a reputable organization that is actively hiring domestic employees to complete online data entry jobs for their customers.

If you fulfill the criteria, your application will be approved, and you will be able to do data entry work from home. You simply log in to the SmartCrowd program and start working on the projects for data entry available. The average wage is $5-$6 per hour.

Freelancer is the ultimate freelancing site, with over 900 work categories. In addition, there are over 30 million users on the online platform.

On this platform, a company creates a particular job and publishes it on the website. Freelancers then compete on the job, and the company selects the freelancer they want to hire. Once the job is done, the client checks the job and pays you for it.


TranscribeMe is an online service provider for transcription and translating audio/video files into text. Users receive by text-typing audio files. And if you’re looking for a part-time job, TranscribeMe provides a decent chance to make money on the side.

You’ll need to make a profile to get started. You also have to pass an exam before you begin to make sure you have the necessary typing skills. If that’s completed, you can apply for various categories of transcription work.

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These websites offer the best possible way for users to benefit from their typing abilities. Also, some of these websites have an online typing test to find the best and fastest typists. You need to be competent and swift to get these typing opportunities online.