Work Online – How To Get An Online Data Entry Job

Looking for a job can be quite time-consuming and very challenging. You must have a good idea of what to expect to avoid wasting your time, especially in a tough market like online data entry jobs.


Data entry jobs are very in demand today as companies need people with data entry skills to help complete different projects. You can apply for online data entry jobs in a myriad of ways but you also need to prepare.

Learn more about how to get an online data entry job and more with the guide down below.

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What is an Online Data Entry Job?

An online data entry job is all about inputting data into a computer.

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The data will then be processed or converted to another type of data that will be used in different areas of a certain industry or business.


Oftentimes, data entry jobs are important for market research and many other areas that impact a certain industry. The job itself is quite demanding so you must be ready to take on the job.

You will need extensive computer skills as it is part of the requirement of the job and it will involve a lot of typing.

Responsibilities of an Online Data Entry Job

Most online data entry jobs revolve around preparing, sorting, and compiling different information and documents for data entry purposes.

You will need to correct data where it is necessary to provide an accurate result. It is also your role to research the data and ensure that they are complete before processing them. In many companies, operations are required to provide data that will influence their decision-making process.

Proper documentation is needed to provide accurate results in data processing hence it is your responsibility to ensure that they are kept safe.

What are the Requirements to Work in an Online Data Entry Job

There are certain skills that you will need to have or develop if you want to become good at online data entry jobs.

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You will be doing your job using the computer so you will need to have computer skills.

Basic skills like knowing the keyboard shortcuts allow you to be more efficient at work.

Apart from that, here are some of the requirements to work in an online data entry job.

Typing Skills

Most data entry jobs require tons of typing and inputting data in the computer.

You will need to be very accurate and efficient with your work so that you have more results.

This is one of the most basic yet very important skills that is required for anyone interested in the job.

Research Skills

Another skill that is highly recommended is your ability to properly and accurately research information.

You will need to gather different kinds of data. You also need to determine which ones are legitimate and which ones are bogus data.

Understanding different types of data is key to learning how to gather the correct kind of information to input as your data.

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Check Out These Online Data Entry Jobs and Learn How Much You Can Earn

If you’re looking for ways to find the best online data entry jobs, the internet has some of the highly recommended companies and jobs that you can apply for.

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Most of these jobs allow you to earn thousands of dollars which makes it a very legitimate job.

Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks are responsible for processing the data that is being sent to them and organizing them in a way that can help their managers make better decisions.

Most of the time, these data are gathered, processed, and presented in spreadsheet format.

They are also tasked to process information and compare them against other sets of data. Most data entry clerks earn around $39,000 a year.

Virtual Assistant

Another great opportunity for an online data entry job is a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants often have different roles but one of their main duties is to gather data and manage them within an inventory for businesses and many other corporations.

They are tasked to file them according to different categories so they are easily pulled out when needed. They also make appointments, answer calls, take messages, and forward them to specific departments. Virtual assistants usually earn around $60,000 a year.


Transcriptionists often gather information and data and then transcribe them into a computer.

They convert audio files into a text format. Most of the time, these audio are from medical institutions, podcasts, interviews, and many others.

Data transcribers are also asked to provide accurate information and are expected to have a very professional attitude towards the work that they do. Transcriptionists earn around $44,000 a year.

How to Apply for Online Data Entry Jobs

Applying for online data entry jobs can be very difficult if you do not possess the required skills and experience.

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It is best that you take on smaller roles first before jumping into full-time online data entry jobs where the tasks can become very complicated.

Once you’re ready, here are some steps on how to apply for online data entry jobs.

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Look for the Best Website

There are tons of websites out there that offer full-time online data entry jobs.

These include Fiverr, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Simply Hired, Upwork, and Indeed. These are platforms that allow you to connect to a potential client and apply for the job.

Some of these platforms take a percentage of the amount that you earn before you can withdraw your salary.

Create a Profile

Once you have chosen your desired platform, you can begin by creating your profile.

Make sure that you have all the complete information on your profile before you start looking for online data entry jobs.

Provide all the necessary details on your profile as your potential employers will be checking them out even before they consider interviewing you for the job.

Searching for a Job

After you’re done with your profile, use the search function to look for online data entry jobs.

You can either use the categories section or use the search function to look for specific jobs.

Review the entire job description to learn more about the role as well as the responsibilities and the potential salary.

Submitting an Application

If you’re interested, click on Apply to proceed with your application.

Upload your resume and provide a cover letter for your client. Make sure that you always send them the most accurate and updated information before you proceed to the interview.

Review everything for spelling and grammar errors before you submit.

Interview Process

You should be scheduled for an interview if they are interested in hiring you.

This can be done over the phone or through a video call. Be prepared to answer the questions and show your skills during the interview.

If they are fully invested in your capabilities, you should know if you are hired at the end of the interview.


It is not impossible to find an online data entry job if you have the perfect skills to apply. If you have amazing computer and typing skills, you should apply for jobs today. Every time you apply for a company, you get the potential to earn thousands of dollars and sometimes, even more.