Families First- How to Get Employee Paid Leave during A Pandemic

The pandemic has left many families struggling, but there is help available with government programs like the Families First Coronavirus Aid Act (FFCAA). The US government has rolled out this program to help families get through these times by getting employee paid leave among other things.


On April 2 the Families First package went live and it will help those that are sick get paid leave. And since schools are out, it also helps parents get paid leave to stay at home with their kids. Depending on the occupation, parents can work from home or simply get paid leave.

The program also allows for employees who must take care of a sick loved one to stay at home on paid leave too. There are a number of things you need to know about whether or not you apply for the package and we have those details up next.  


Families First Coronavirus Response Act

This act is a viable solution for helping working parents survive during this pandemic. FFCRA allows employees to have 12 weeks of partially paid leave and 2 weeks of fully-paid leave.

This act benefits both the employees and business owners. Employers can get a tax credit when they provide the paid leave. The Department of the Treasury (USDT) is responsible for making paid leave a reality. 


Qualifications for FFCRA

If you are in a situation where you are unable to find childcare services due to COVID-19, you are entitled to receive paid leave if you work in a company of less than 500 people. Private businesses with more than 500 employees are required to offer paid leave. However, those with less than 50 employees are an exemption.

If you are sick or a loved one is sick or you have school-age children, you are entitled to 2 weeks of fully paid leave. You can check out the Families First website for answers to frequently asked questions.

How to Get Employee Paid Leave during COVID-19 Pandemic

For you to get paid leave, there are several rules you know about. You must be a working parent with no reliable childcare services. Intermittent leave is also an option, especially to those parents who can work certain days of the week. 

If you need to be offline at least two days of the week, your employer should give you a paid-time-off. The first step of getting the paid leave is notifying your employer about your situation. The essential requirement is to provide a document with details about your situation and why you need the paid leave.

The document entails your child’s name and explanation of how COVID-19 is affecting you and why you are not able to get reliable child care services. If you are experiencing symptoms related to the virus and have been advised to remain in quarantine, your employer should grant you a paid sick leave.

Benefits of Employee Paid Leave

Employees are at the edge, trying to balance their professional and personal lives, but government programs can help. 

Paid leave also includes spending time in quarantine if you feel you have symptoms related to the coronavirus. The paid leave allows employees to have peace of mind balancing their personal and professional lives. They will work knowing they are not at risk of infecting others and get the needed rest to recover.

Furthermore, they have time to look for other viable solutions to help solve their situation. The paid leave provides income stability to employees. Employees also facilitate social distancing through paid leave.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been struggling to find a way to solve your personal problem of balancing family and work, the Families First program can help. You will need to do your due diligence to provide your employer with the required documents, which will then help you get the paid leave you need.