Dog Fur Grooming Tips to Be Aware Of

Tangled or matted dog hair can be very difficult to remove, especially for long-haired canines. But, instead of pulling and hurting your dog, you can use a different workaround. If the matting is beyond your power, it’s best to bring your pet to a professional groomer.


Coat mats can be a grooming headache if you don’t act on it when you discover its presence. Over time, the coat problem will worsen, which will require professional help. 

So to save you from expensive grooming sessions, it’s ideal to be aware of simple fur grooming tips to keep your dog clean and well-groomed. Read on to learn about these grooming tips to be aware of.

Dog Fur Grooming Tips to Be Aware Of
Image Source: Dogs Love to Know

Daily Brushing

The only best way to deal with dog matting is to prevent your pet from having it. The easiest solution here is to brush your dog regularly. 

Regardless if you’re bathing your dog for the day or not, you should still brush your dog for at least 15 minutes a day. Larger breeds may require longer brushing sessions as well as canines with long coats.


You should always brush along the direction in which your dog’s coat grows. Going against it will cause more tangles and mats in the long run. 

Aside from your dog’s body, you should also brush their legs and skin folds. You can use a smaller brush for this so your dog won’t be hurt in the process.

Detangling Spray

For stubborn tangles and mats, a detangling spray always comes in handy. Spray some of the solutions to the matted area and try to work it out with a comb.

Take note that you shouldn’t use a brush when trying to remove a tangle. Never pull the fur of your dog no matter how difficult it is to unravel the knots. 

Always work from outside the mat and go closer to your dog’s skin. This will make the untangling much easier and more effective.

Go for the Largest Tangles First

When it comes to matting, it’s best to go for the largest ones first. These large knots are the hardest to deal with and will take a lot of time to unravel.

Always work your way from the top down to your dog’s skin. Trying to pull the tangle from the skin level will only hurt your dog

Aside from that, untangling larger mats will result in smaller tangles. So if you work on the smaller ones first, your effort will be in vain.

Use Your Hands

When dealing with tight knots on your dog’s coat, we recommend using your hands to unravel the tangles. This is gentler than a brush or comb. 

Once the tangles have slightly given off, that’s the time you can use a comb or a brush. You can always use a detangling solution lavishly to aid with your manual efforts.

Bathing May Do the Trick

If the mats prove to be too stubborn for the methods above, you can give your dog a quick bath using a shampoo and a conditioner. Usually, mats become more difficult to untangle when it’s mixed with dirt. 

As you lather the shampoo or apply the conditioner, comb your dog’s fur with your fingers. You should also try to untangle the mats with your hands while the shampoo is still lathering. For many dog owners, this does the job. But, if it doesn’t, you may need to do the next step.

You May Need to Cut it Off

Dog Fur Grooming Tips to Be Aware Of
Image Source: Pet Barn

If you’ve tried everything and the mat won’t give in, it might be time to cut it off. Take note that this option is your last resort when all else fails. You can use a pet trimmer to do this. 

However, avoid trimming too close to the skin since it’s very easy to injure your pet. If you don’t know about trimming your dog’s coat, it’s best to seek the help of a professional groomer.


Knowing how to groom a dog is a skill every canine owner should know. Grooming skills are a responsibility that a pet owner should master, especially when the dog is prone to having matted hair.