Check Out These Cool Art Projects to Make with Household Objects

You don’t need to spend much if you want to design your home. You’ll just have to be creative and resourceful with the things that you have at home. Using household objects for cool art projects are a way to recycle these items.


If you are on a budget, using household recyclables will cost you nothing depending on how resourceful you are in using materials you have at home. Your home will not only look classy, but you are also helping the environment just by recycling. 

Repurposing is a great project that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids. Here are some of the home decors that you can do with the help before securely closing it of scrap. Read on to learn more.

Check Out These Cool Art Projects to Make with Household Objects
Image Source: Fifty Flowers

DIY Light Bulbs

Create old light bulb vases instead of purchasing expensive vases. It’s perfect for a gift idea. Unbroken light bulbs are useful to use as vases, lamps, and terrariums. Clean the light bulbs properly before crafting because it contains glass and chemicals. 

For this project, you will need an old transparent light bulb, needle-nose pliers, a hammer, wire cutters, drill, and dowel. You will be working with a glass that is why wearing gloves and goggles are advisable. 


Remove the cap of the bulb by using a hammer and nail. Use needle-nose pliers to take it out. Do the same in the next layer of the glass inside. Throw the parts removed in the garbage bin properly. Using the needle-nose plier, bring out pieces of the wires inside the bulb. 

Drill enough hole on the dowel enough for the stainless-steel wire to fit. Insert the wire into the hole and wrap it twice around the dowel. This will serve as a handle. You may add dried leaves, flowers, or any decorations, such as sands and stones. 

DIY Old Mugs

Old mugs can be transformed into different home decors, such as plant vase, marker holders, and figurine. You will need old mugs, paint, paint brush, and design inspirations. You may use different mugs in different sizes. Clean the mugs and dry it thoroughly.

Start painting the mugs with the desired colors. Drying it is time-consuming that is why you can directly place it under the sun, or you may use a blower to make the drying process faster. You may draw patterns or paste some quotes or designs to complete its look.

DIY Handcrafted Flower Paper

If you do not have the time to maintain a real plant, using an artificial plant is the best option. Create your own artificial flower home decor through the use of scrap papers or tissue paper. 

For this project, you will need tissue paper, crepe paper, and paper plates. Take a piece of paper. The measurement is up to you, scissors, buttons, and a craft stick. 

Divide it into four equal parts and cut. Glue them together to form a circle. Make another circle paper. Place the new circle in the center of another circle. Add an old button and attach the craft stick. 

DIY Hanging Wine Bottle Light

Check Out These Cool Art Projects to Make with Household Objects
Image Source: You and Kids

The use of old bottles is an elegant home decor that gives your space a romantic and coziness vibe. You will need old bottles, bowl, acetone, cotton wick. Half-filled the bowl with acetone. Soak the cotton wick in the acetone. 

Wrap the wick tightly to one-third of the bottom of the bottle. Be mindful of lighting the wick with a match. Turn the bottle gently to secure that the flame will contain all the wick. Immerse the bottom of the bottle into cold water. 

Lift gently. The base must remove entirely. Place down the edges of the bottle into sandpaper. Thread the hanging cord into the top to the base of the bottle. Turn the bulb to place into the socket. 


These cool art projects from household objects are a worthwhile activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. You can create unique pieces from scratch without spending money.