Check Out These Underrated California Hotels To Inspire A Budget Trip Now

California has it all you can ask for during an adventurous trip. There are many natural beauties including beaches and stunning views. If you are looking for an excellent place to go on a budget trip and want to save on accommodation, then California is your best choice.


The hotels are spacious and affordable. You will be amazed by their welcoming nature. The hotels are reviewed regularly based on the quality of the services, food, facilities, and the overall value. Plus, they have modern designs and are strategically located to give you the perfect view.

After your long day of walking along the beach or doing various activities, you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep. The room service is amazing, and you will not go out of your set budget. Here are top hotels in California, with great amenities and even better rates. 


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Holiday House, Palm Springs

If you find yourself in Palm Springs, then you are in luck since the Holiday House hotel is a world-class hotel that can serve all your needs. It is equipped with 28 rooms and designed with a communal atmosphere. The rooms have an oversized shower room for your convenience.


You will feel welcome while in this hotel. They have remodeled to include new features to help you feel appreciated. Every morning you will be served coffee and homemade breakfast such as bread and pastries. Moreover, there are fruits, yogurt, and cheese to brighten your morning.

The management is focused on meeting your needs and assuring you a good time. You can book a room for affordable prices. Contact the Holiday House support center for more information.

Vintage House, Yountville

The Vintage House hotel brings out rustic elegance with designs. The rooms have a fireplace for you to wind down and relax next to. Besides its stunning furniture, this hotel is strategically located near transportation options.

The hotel has world-class art and beautiful natural surroundings are just a few meters. This place showcases the local culture. Plus, it’s affordable so you won’t have to spend too much on your budget trip.

La Jolla Inn Near San Diego

There are numerous beaches in La Jolla where you can spend your time enjoying the beauty provided by nature. A visit to La Jolla inn guarantees freshly baked cookies. You will also be served delicious lemonade.

This hotel has a world-class chef to serve you with the best dishes. You will enjoy both the modern and traditional dishes. Overall, it’s a perfect spot for you and your family. There are is great security, affordable recipes, and a welcoming nature at this hotel.  After a long day of sightseeing, you will enjoy a nice meal and a relaxing spot to unwind.

Post Ranch Inn

This inn offers 38 guest rooms. There are also well decorated and designed private houses. The rooms are designed with a stunning view of the mountains or the ocean. Besides the perfect view, there is a lot to expect from this place.

There are organic mattresses, heated floors, and a private deck with an unobstructed ocean view. Your mornings are brightened with a cup of coffee or tea. You are also provided with slippers, a cloth robe, and binoculars. You will indeed feel at home in this inn.

Meadowood Napa Valley, St Helena

This hotel has it all; from the ability to get a good night’s sleep to a general recreation area. The rooms are well designed and decorated to give you a warm welcome and make you feel at home. You will be served with the best wines, dishes, and high-standard room service.

There is a spa where you can relax and calm your mind. It is the perfect spot to unplug from your daily routine. The costs are low and affordable for the service that you receive here.

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Bottom Line

California is renowned for its beauty and friendly locals. While planning a trip to this place, be ready for a thrilling experience and world-class services. Besides the natural beauty, the hotels offer stunning decor. Therefore, on a budget trip to California, expect an experience of a lifetime.