Best Apps For Solo Traveling In 2020

From booking low-cost flights and hotels to staying fit on the go, there are many aspects of travel that can be hard to master. Thankfully, these are problems that today’s mobile apps can address. Further, solo travelers can find these apps especially useful. This is good news for the roughly one-third of consumers taking a yearly solo vacation.


Solo traveling has a lot of benefits. In fact, traveling alone gives you complete freedom. While traveling with others, you must be mindful of what they may want to do and where they want to go. But with solo travel, you can go see and experience things at your own leisure.

However, solo travel can also come with difficulties. When traveling alone, you are left to make all of the decisions and figure out all of the details by yourself. That being said, there are helpful tools that can help guide you. These are some of the apps that could help you on your next solo trip.

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Knowing which specific areas to avoid is one of the hardest things in a new city. But RedZone takes the guesswork out of the experience. The app uses official government sources to track and geo-tag incidents and high-crime zones in real-time. Using this information with the direction and destination of the user, RedZone recommends safe routes and the best time to drive, if necessary. A key benefit of RedZone is that it updates along the way.

The app also sends recorded updates about events as well as daily news monitoring at your current location. It also acknowledges incidents reported by the media, enabling app users to play an active role in safeguarding fellow travelers.


ICE (In Case Of Emergency)

Getting sick during traveling is something that everyone dreads; especially if you’re suffering from a specific condition, and no one around you knows. This is where ICE (In Case of Emergency) steps in. This app allows you to store all kinds of health information for doctors and other important people. This includes medical history, blood type, allergies, medications needed, and contact information.

All the information can be found on the lock screen of the phone. So if anything happens to you, the data can be quickly reviewed by anyone around, even if you are unwell.


Backpackr is a backpacker-oriented social network. Although not specifically for solo travelers, they are likely to be the ones that can benefit most from the deals and features of the app. Backpackr enables its users to meet other travelers going to the same destination. In addition, users can search and share advice and real-time reviews of cities and attractions in the Common Room forum within the app.

Through coverage in over 160 countries, plus collaborations with more than 1,000 tour operators, hostels, and restaurants providing deals and discounts, Backpackr can help any solo traveler have a good time.


Peek is the tour company for the traveler that doesn’t like traditional tours. The site and app provide a curated list of approved operators’ tours. These tours concentrate on unique and original experiences that are ideal for any solo traveler looking to meet like-minded souls.


EatWith is the largest community for local food experiences in over 100 countries. The app pairs travelers with locals offering all these experiences and much more. From rooftop grilled dinners to Sunday brunches to soul food feasts, this app has it all.

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Travel is a very personal thing, and what someone wants to do when traveling is different from someone else. Therefore, many people have become increasingly drawn to solo traveling. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to make the trip entirely alone – use these apps to help guide you! For more solo traveling tips and guides, click here.