Never Wear These Items In The Airport Security Line

Airport security is associated with being a nuisance since people spend a lot of time being checked. The best way to ease the process of airport security is by dressing well and avoid various behaviors that can result in you being suspected.


Before going to the airport, ensure that you understand the basic rules and regulations. Do as requested, and you will be trough security within no time. If you are traveling with your children, ensure they are well dressed and don’t have any items that can raise any suspicions.

Specific clothing can result in you being flagged and taken in for extra and thorough screening. This process will take up quite a lot of time. Avoid such unnecessary attention by being ready and aware of the attire and various things to avoid. Below are things you should never wear before going through airport security. Avoiding these items will help you walk through the airport security like a pro.


Uncomfortable Shoes

While at the airport, wear slip-on shoes. Shoes will need to be removed and placed in the screening bin before going through the metal detector. Avoid shoes with laces and strappy sandals. These shoes will take unnecessary time to remove and there is typically no place to sit down in the security line.


If you are not used to wearing heels and you cannot walk well in them, do not wear them. Wearing shoes you are not comfortable in will attract attention. Try as much as possible to avoid wearing anything out of place. Consider flats and shoes with no laces for natural transformation from being checked to boarding the airplane.

Metal Jewelry

If you set off the metal detector, you will raise alarms that call for more inspection. Avoid metal jewelry and metallic items on clothing or in your pockets. You can request a private screening room if you have metal piercings that cannot be removed. However, to avoid unnecessary extradition, remove the items in advance when possible.


Avoid wearing pants that require belts while going to the airport. All flyers must remove their belts before walking through security. To avoid taking the extra time to remove your belt, wear well-fitting pants. Otherwise, be prepared to remove the belt before going through the metal detector.

Most belts have a metal chip, which can trigger the alarms. Even if it has no metal chip, the security person may still ask you to remove the belt since it’s a common procedure. Otherwise, you may need an extra patdown around your waist.

Coats And Jackets

Before going through the metal detector, you must remove coats, jackets, and sweatshirts. If there is conducive weather, avoid coats and jackets to save a lot of time going through the checkpoint. However, when you must wear a coat on the plane, remember to remove it before trying to go through security. If you do not, you will certainly be asked to.

Anything Offensive

According to airport rules and regulations, offensive clothing can lead you to be kicked off the plane. Wear decent clothing that will not arouse any unnecessary attention. To know whether your dress is proper, just don’t select any clothing you could not wear in a religious setting. As such, also avoid any clothing that displays offensive or provocative messages.

Loose-Fitting Clothes

Avoid wearing baggy apparel such as flowy skirts, large sweatshirts, and other oversized clothing. The clothes you wear while traveling via air should be descent and not arising any suspicion. Large baggy clothing is not prohibited, but the security can ask you for extra screening if they suspect your intentions for wearing such clothing are malicious.

Hair Pins

Most hairpins are metal. When traveling, don’t even think about using them to style your hair. Consider a non-metal material. Otherwise, you will have to remove the pieces from your hair. Consequently, you will spend a lot of time reorganizing yourself.

Underwire Bras

Save yourself the hassle of being screened more thoroughly by avoiding bras with an underwire. If you do not have another option, request a private room to avoid being harassed or embarrassed. A sports bra is a great alternative to wear while traveling. Plus, bras without underwires are often much more comfortable. 


Cargo Pants

You will have to empty each pocket completely while going through the airport security. Therefore, avoid cargo pants. It is all too easy to forget that you have items in several different pockets when wearing cargo pants. As such, it is advisable to just pack them in your bag and wear them on days you will not be flying. 


It’s quite embarrassing to be asked to go to a private room for additional screening as a traveler. Your clothing plays a significant role in creating a first impression for the airport officers. When you are neatly dressed, you will not raise any unwanted attention. Avoid any metal on your body from your head to toe. We hope these tips will help you save time at the airport!