3 Hacks to Avoid Airport Long Lines

Traveling through an airline is fun and very exciting, but sometimes, getting through the airport can be a struggle to many who don’t know the requirements and don’t have the necessary information before planning to avoid standing in long lines.


This article explains the three main hacks that will help in avoiding the long lines people experience at the airport. If you want an exciting and fun journey, consider the following research items. At the end of this reading, you will be surprised at how much time and money you can save when traveling by air. You don’t want to be in a position where you could even miss your flight because you were caught in an insanely long line.

1. Know the Rules for Personal Security Check

At the screening area, people are required to adhere to various rules and regulations; therefore, having the necessary information will involve having an extra Ziploc bag. People are always asked to transfer their liquids into a clear wallet; thus, having an extra one before you hit security will save on time.


Make sure that your electronic gadgets are stored at the most accessible point, ensuring that you save on the time spent to open up suitcases. Laptops and phones are always scanned separately, so to avoid the lines, ensure yours are stored individually or at the top of your luggage.

Label all your luggage with deliberately chosen colors, ensuring you can point them out from afar. People spend a long time trying to spot their luggage, and this can be avoided.


People also spend most of the time at the airport not understanding the general rules needed by the security team. Ensure all your paperwork is done on time and that your passport is valid. In some airports, you can avoid a lot of time spent on self-screening by being well dressed.

3 Hacks to Avoid Airport Long Lines
Crowded airport walkway
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2. Apply for Pre-Check or Global Entry

TSA pre-check and the Global Entry corporations are determined to provide straightforward services and fast passes at the airport. If you have US passport or even a permanent resident card that has no criminal records noted, then you have an opportunity to avoid long lines at the airport, since you are eligible to apply for this time-saving service. The costs for application are straightforward, and the interview takes only 15 minutes.

After the identification and interview process, the Global Entry program provides an identification number via email in weeks; thus, the long lines will be history.

3. Know Your Rights

It’s essential to understand your rights when your flight is delayed or halted at any time. People spend time frustrated and in a dilemma when they learn about their flight cancellation.

In most airports, we can encounter a case of overbooking; hence, you can experience a delay or your flight being pushed forward. Understand that the airlines have the responsibility to make this up to you by ensuring that they allow you to get booked with another airline or flight or even cater to the booking for your next immediate trip.


The long waits people spend standing in lines do not have to set you back in your travels, since the above tips are a guide and will help in saving you time and money spent. Personal security also includes that you check your bags at the gate or while still at home, ensuring that when going through security check, you do not find yourself in a difficult or long-lasting situation.

Long lines can be easily avoided by planning ahead of time and even having a mobile app to monitor your flights, should any changes be made at any time. Following these guidelines ensures that you are not faced by the long line struggle at the airport.