10 Things To Do In The Canary Islands

Are you planning a trip to the Canary Islands in Spain? This tropical Mediterranean paradise filled with black-and-white-sand beaches, world-class national parks, and fantastic landscape and scenery is one of the best places to plan a getaway trip to. 


Read on and discover ten things to do during your adventure at the Canary Islands. 

10 Things To Do In The Canary Islands
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Visit The Timanfaya National Park (Parque Nacional De Timanfaya)

Featuring steaming piles of volcanic tuff, barren fields of lava, and volcanic terrain, Timanfaya National Park is the exact opposite of the lively and vivid beach towns in Lanzarote. The protected area’s focal point is the Fire Mountains (Montañas de Fuego), a stunning red and black-rock mountain range. 

10 Things To Do In The Canary Islands
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The Fire Mountains got its name after a series of eruptions during the 18th century that covered the island with volcanic ash and lava. This led to the reshaping of its topography. 

The dormant volcano remains a potent source of geothermal energy due to a residual magma chamber. Tour guides happily demonstrate this by tossing bundles of branches into the steaming pits of the volcano, which then burst into flames. 


Though you cannot go here on a self-guided tour, there are plenty of guided coach tours to get you around. 

Ride A Cable Car at Teide National Park (Parque Nacional Del Teide)

Home to Spain’s highest peak, Mount Teide, the Teide National Park is the oldest and largest national park in the Canary Islands. Teide National Park is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and serves as Tenerife’s most popular attraction. 

10 Things To Do In The Canary Islands
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The landmark peak of Teide, towering at 3,178 meters, is the world’s third-highest volcano from its base. You can even ride a cable car to the top and take in an incredible panoramic view of the entire island, as well as the islands that surround it. 

At ground level, the park’s landscape is a geological wonder which features rugged lava fields, volcanic peaks, and ancient calderas. The park boasts a land area of over 18,900 hectares, including the Pico Viejo volcano, the Roques de García rock formations, and native flora and fauna such as the rare Tenerife lizard.

Hike The Masca Valley

The Masca Valley is among Tenerife’s most beautiful and spectacular works of nature that should be on every person’s bucket list. Its forested trails, breathtaking waterfalls, and steep rocky cliffs make the wild landscape a beauty to behold. 

10 Things To Do In The Canary Islands
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A remote gorge serves as a majestic backdrop for any hiking expedition that will leave every hiker in pure awe. At the top of the valley is the lost village of Masca, perched on the 600-meter tall edge of the gorge. 

The village can be accessed via an extremely steep serpentine road which offers a picturesque view over the valley. From the village, you can hike all the way to the coast, which is a 4.5-kilometer trail. 

The trail passes through the valley floor, lagoons, black sand beaches, and hidden caves, allowing you to witness all of nature’s beauty on one trail. 

Explore The Lobos Island

Just two kilometers off the shore of the stunning Fuerteventura island paradise sits a tiny islet worth an adventure – the Lobos Island. The islet is made up of a volcanic landmass that spans 1.8 square miles. 

10 Things To Do In The Canary Islands
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Lobos is named after the large population of monk seals, also called sea wolves, that once inhabited the island. Although the island’s formation happened thousands of years ago, the year 1405 marks the first recorded presence of human life. 

Jean de Béthencourt was the first person on the island; he used the island as a resupply station during a conquest at Fuerteventura. Since then, the island had remained uninhabited, with only a lighthouse keeper having lived there until the automation of the beacon in 1968. 

Presently, the majestic Lobos Island is classified as a nature reserve because of its wide array of over 130 vegetation species and impressive population of birds. 

Explore Wildlife At Cocodrilo Park Zoo

Located in Agüimes on the island of Grand Canary (Gran Canaria) is the Cocodrilo Park that is home to all exotic animal rescues on the Canary Islands. The zoo is a great place for fun and learning for kids and adults alike as they get to learn about different animals and wildlife species. 

10 Things To Do In The Canary Islands
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Here, you can interact with the animals through live crocodiles, bird, and monkey feedings, as well as zoo exhibits. As a home for animals who were once kept as exotic pets, the Cocodrilo Park Gran Canaria is a refuge and sanctuary for a wide variety of species.

You will be able to see a lot of crocodiles splashing around the ponds. It is a sustainable effort because the money spent on every ticket is spent to provide the rescues with top veterinary care and quality food to give them the life they deserve. 

Hike Up The Roque Nublo

Roque Nublo, translated as Clouded or Cloudy Rock, is a red basaltic monolith that stands 70 meters tall. The rocky landscape is filled with pine trees and shrubbery, which drop off into the cliffs. 

10 Things To Do In The Canary Islands
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It’s a tourist hotspot as it can be easily reached by a short hour-long hike from the La Goleta car park. Once you get to the top, you’ll be greeted by a scenic view of nature. On a clear day, you can even see across the horizon and catch a glimpse of the great Mount Teide. 

The ideal time to visit is in the early mornings to ensure that you have a parking spot over at La Goleta as the area can get pretty crowded, especially during days with nice weather. The Roque Nublo is located at the center of the Gran Canaria island, 27 miles southwest of Las Palmas. 

Enjoy The Waves At Los Hervideros

The coastal cliffs of Los Hervideros are one of the island’s most unusual geological attractions. The formation of rocks, lava tubes, and caves spilling over Lanzarote’s west coast was formed during the 18th century during the eruptions of the Timanfaya volcanoes. 

10 Things To Do In The Canary Islands
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The coastline is adorned with unusually shaped archways, natural rock sculptures, and sharp rock columns created when the hot lava met the icy ocean waves. The best activity here, however, is not just to marvel at the unique landscape and take tons of photos but to watch the waves crash against the coast. 

The magical and jaw-dropping view is best enjoyed while at the clifftop, where visitors can enjoy the waves exploding against the rocks and watch the water make its way through the spillways. 

The waters look like boiling waters, where the cliffs got its name – Los Hervideros, Spanish for “boiling waters.” 

Eat Out At The Jameos del Agua

One of the island’s distinct attractions, Jameos del Agua, is known for its unique distinction as both a natural wonder and beach resort. Built within several lava caves on Lanzarote’s northeastern coast, Jameos del Agua was the work of a local artist, César Manrique. 

10 Things To Do In The Canary Islands
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The underground structure utilized the natural volcanic landscape, which was formed 4,000 years ago following the eruption of the La Corona volcano. Jameos del Agua features a restaurant, nightclub, swimming pool, and bar for guests to enjoy. 

Manrique envisioned the place to be centered around a series of collapsed lava tubes, or “jameos.” The lava tubes, which collapsed due to pressure build-up and it caused the roofs to fall in, make the perfect spot for an open-top swimming pool. 

Other highlights of the palace include a concert hall, an underground lake, and galleries. 

Explore The La Orotava Valley

Home to Tenerife’s most scenic landscapes, the La Orotava Valley is a prime hiking terrain with lush banana plantations, pine-clad mountains, and steep cliffs. The valley stretches from the Teide Volcano and is known for popular trails that run through it. 

10 Things To Do In The Canary Islands
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Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the valley below at the Mirador del Humboldt viewpoint, or visit the historic town of La Orotava, famed for its botanical gardens and unique architecture, as well as enjoy a sunny day at the beaches of El Rincón, El Bollullo, and Martín Alonso. 

Visit The Garajonay National Park 

Found at the heart of La Gomera, the Garajonay National Park is a 4,000-hectare land that extends into all six municipalities of the island. There are plenty of things to do here, such as spending day outings and picnics with family and friends. 

10 Things To Do In The Canary Islands
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The Laguna Grande provides a stunning view of the Garajonay summit, which you can enjoy at the area’s picnic area, restaurant, and playground. To beat the crowd, you can also head to Ermita de El Cedro, Las Cruces, and Chorros de Epina and spend a quiet downtime with nature. 

La Gomera also boasts a network of trails, making La Gomera the “ultimate hikers’ paradise” in all of the Canary. Feeling tough? Take up the challenge and hike through the 12.7-km Pajaritos-El Cedro-Tajaqué-Pajaritos, the toughest and most difficult trail. 


The Canary Islands is truly a blessed place filled with nature’s wonders and breathtaking views. Tourists and locals who would want to connect with nature and travel for some adventure should come and visit the gorgeous Canary Islands and everything it has to offer.