Where To Find The World’s Best Teas

Are you a tea lover? Perhaps you’re one of the many people who love a soothing drink after a long day. Tea has many health benefits for you and your body. One of the most exciting things about tea is that you can consume it either hot or cold.


Another fun fact is that the kind of tea will make a difference. The period of processing of the leaves determines whether a brown, black, or oolong tea is present.

Are you searching for the best tea adventure? Here are some countries you can visit if you want to explore more about tea. 

Best Teas
Here are some countries you can visit if you want to learn more about tea. Photo credits to: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324771.php.


India is the world’s second-largest tea producer after China, which includes Assam and Darjeeling. The ‘Government Drink’ tea is also Assam’s. Tea was officially declared a government drink in October 2012 by the state of Assam. A world-class tea producer is most famous for the combination of black tea with milk, sugar, ginger, and cardamom.

Depending on the region and the family recipe, other spices may also be added. In the famous tea destination Darjeeling, surrounded by the Himalayan peaks, you can visit or stay on plantations.



Kenya’s community is fascinating because it appears to adopt many different cultures like the United States. Tea time is taken from the British, but India takes the tea theme. It is called “chai”. In Kenya, Chai is tea and sugar. After breakfast, morning break, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner, tea is the go-to beverage. It is the beverage choice of Kenya it would seem.

Kenyan tea is light and sweet, with a bright color of copper. A lot of hotels offer plantation tours and options to get picks from the local population amid the wide-spread Assam tea bushes. Tea plantations extend around the southwesterner town of Kericho.


The tea tradition of China is the oldest and most luxurious of the world’s tea ceremonies and elegant teas. They can be green, black, or yellow. The province of Sichuan is especially well-known as the teahouses, where gossip, mah-jong, and light entertainment are held. Hangzhou, a town surrounded by renowned tea plantations, is the Chinese National Tea Museum.


Moroccan teas are omnipresent and contain sugar and mint leaves prepared by people, poured into a glass from a height to produce a foam. They serve these to guests three times traditionally.

In the south, tea is typically sweeter. Southern communities use Green Chinese tea pellets. Tea is always served in meals and is also available in teahouses at any time.


Turkish tea is powerful, dark, and delicious on the coast of the Black Sea. It has been produced into a unique two-stage metal bowl without milk, boiling hot, in a tulip-shaped small glass, in combination with either sweet or salty biscuits. It is a significant offering of local hospitality.


The tea tradition is exquisitely rich for all to try out. Finding the best teas requires trying new tastes and playing with mixtures. Don’t be afraid to see something different and try it out. For more caffeine-related travels, click here.