Where Is The World’s Diamond Capital?

The search for the perfect diamonda symbol of eternal love and the quest for perfection— was always connected with Antwerp’s town. Belgium’s largest port has rightly gained its position as the diamond capital of the world, a place of profound significance for global diamond trade.


For several centuries, Antwerp has been known to be the world’s diamond capital. The port’s diamond trade began nearly 500 years ago when India introduced the first rough stones.

Here are some amazing facts you need to know about the World’s Diamond Capital.

Diamond Capital
The World’s Diamond Capital is the center of diamond trade. Photo credits to: https://www.lolwot.com/10-amazing-facts-about-belgium-that-most-people-dont-know/4/?c=10167130.

There Are Diamonds Everywhere!

The Diamond District in Antwerp is also known as the Diamond Quarter. Photo credits to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antwerp_diamond_district.

Antwerp is the busiest hub of worldwide diamond trade — more bustling than Johannesburg or New York. Diamond business in Antwerp is at both the level of wholesale and retail.

Two-thirds of the world’s diamonds of gem-quality are estimated to pass through Antwerp. Diamonds are carried here for trading, cutting, polishing, grading, setting, and selling.


Antwerp’s Diamond Business Started Long Ago

Historically, there have always been infinite opportunities for work in Antwerp. Established in the 15th century, the diamond sector extended significantly as it became a trading axis that travelled across Europe and led the way to India – where the first rough diamond trade had started.

Due to its strategic place, Antwerp had become the central diamond hub by the end of the 15th century – it has immediate access to the North Sea on the Scheldt River. The first proof that diamond trade existed in the city dates back to 1447.

Antwerp’s diamond area is home to the four most essential diamond markets, each with its own skills, like The Beurs voor Diamanthandel, which is renowned in polished diamonds.

There Is a Central Hub in the City

The diamond district of Antwerp is the central hub of selling and shopping for diamonds. Photo credits to: https://gem-a.com/news-publications/news-blogs/events-exhibitions/events/antwerp-historic-diamond-district.

The Antwerp Diamond District or Diamond Quarter (Diamantkwartier) is the biggest diamond centre in the globe with an annual turnover of $54 billion. The area has 380 workshops offering gem cutting and polishing services to 1,500 businesses.

The diamond district of Antwerp comprises of several square blocks adjacent to the central station (Antwerp Centraal) and is a few minutes’ walk from Meir, the primary shopping street in Antwerp.

Antwerp Has a Diamond Bank

The Antwerp Diamond Bank (ADB) (Banque Diamantaire Anversoise and Antwerpse Diamantbank) is a tiny bank that is 75 years old and specializes solely in the diamond and diamond jewellery industry. After ABN AMRO’s International Diamond and Jewelry Group, it is the world’s second-biggest diamond bank.

It has offices that cover all significant traditional and emerging diamond centres, such as Antwerp, Dubai, Geneva, Hong Kong, Mumbai, and New York. The ADB group today employs around 160 individuals globally, about 110 of whom work at the Antwerp headquarters.


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