What Our Venture Has To Do With You Earning A Living While Travelling

For us to travel a lot we have to make an income in movement, it’s as simple as that.


While some decide to travel later on in life, after selling their houses, their cars and everything else they own, we didn’t have an empire to sell. We built it as we went. We took ventures.

What is a venture?

Well, the dictionary explains it pretty straightforward as a business enterprise or journey that involves some sort of risk.


Don’t let that scare you though, in everything we do in life there’s a risk.

You drink coffee? That’s risky business, you could burn your tongue.


You shower? Wow man, you’re living life on the edge – what if the drain blocks and water comes up and floods your whole entire house?

For us, a venture is simply a project in which we work on to foster growth. Others may look at a venture as a journey or a trip, which is why the world venture seems to fit with us and our blog so well.

If you dream of travelling the world too but are starting out from scratch to get there like us, here’s a few reasons why our newest venture (this blog) will have a positive impact on you. Here’s what our venture has to do with you earning a living while travelling.

1. Travelling Is Purely The Consequence

For us, travelling is simply the consequence of the ventures we decide to take in life! Instead of trading our time for money, we use our time to create value – helping others and enriching their lives in one way or another.

So because we’re not working for the man, we get to do it anywhere in the world. And we feel like sharing that with you. It’s not easy but it’s damn better than commuting to the same old job, day in and day out.

2. We’ve Made It Our Mission To Help You

What’s the point in writing a blog if it doesn’t serve you any real purpose? Okay, so writing our own unique travel stories might entertain you but we want to achieve more than that. We want to help you.

Travelling is what we’re passionate about and we know for sure that it’s a passion for a lot of you. But getting there can prove the hard part. However, we’re doing it and we’re making it work so why keep all of the secrets to achieving a life of travel to ourselves? Especially when we know that there are a ton of you stuck in jobs you hate, working icky hours just to grow your travel fund.

Besides, we need some more travel buddies!

3. There’s An Entrepreneur Within You

When I used to think of an entrepreneur I would imagine a rich, middle aged man with his sticky fingers in everything – until I began actually educating myself.

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Now I feel bad.

After a little light reading, I learned that an entrepreneur is simply someone who exercises initiative by creating a venture out of an opportunity. They’re not necessarily motivated by profit but use it as a way to measure achievement. – Business Dictionary

So the young girl who decided to bake delicious cakes and sell them at the local food market to fund her music lessons? Entrepreneur.

The old man who set up a kiosk selling burritos to a crowd of drunken college students stumbling home at 3 am? Entrepreneur.

Making the most of an opportunity by turning your own ideas into ventures is how you can start to take control of your own life.

Come on, let’s face it. We’ve all come up with a brilliant idea or two in our lives. But the thing is, most of the time we don’t take them any further than the dinner table. What’s the good in that?

It’s time to give things a go and we’re going to do our best to inspire you to do just that.

4. Everyone Should Have The Opportunity To Travel

First and foremost, you don’t have to be rich to travel the world! Second of all, speak to anyone who has travelled and they’ll tell you that travelling is one of the best kinds of education you’ll ever receive. Travelling can change your life in so many ways, it’s kind of unbelievable.

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Off the top of my head here’s 10 reasons why I personally think travelling is so important:

  •  It constantly feeds you with new knowledge, whether you realise it or not
  •  It teaches you not to take anything for granted and to appreciate what you have
  • It teaches you to be more conscious about the environment, money, people, your actions and practically everything else around you
  • It broadens your mindset and teaches you to let go of your judgements and preconceptions
  • It encourages new friendships by bringing like-minded people together and motivating you to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people
  • It helps you to learn about yourself and what you are passionate about (and could likely motivate you to turn that passion into your career)
  • It helps you to relax and de-stress which is extremely important for a healthy lifestyle
  • It teaches you to be more patient and flexible and often leaves you in moments where you have to use important life skills such as problem solving and multi-tasking
  • It allows you to immerse yourself in other cultures and experience and understand how others around the world live
  • It brings variety to your life and breaks up the monotony that can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle


Everyone should have the opportunity to travel and we aim to help you get there.

5. Sometimes All It Takes Is A Little Guidance

Thinking back on projects I’ve personally worked on in the past, I’ve always felt more confident and clear-headed when I’ve had someone there just to say I’m on the right track.

I love support groups for this reason because everyone encourages each other, bouncing ideas back and forth, leading one another in the right direction. And even if you are slightly off track, it’s easy just to ask someone for advice – not the answers, as such but just a little guidance to help you fill in the blanks.

So that’s why we created a support group on Facebook for all our fellow wanderlusters! It’s called the Travel More Movement and it’s basically one big happy family where anyone can join, come and ask questions, share advice and help each other out on their journeys towards travelling more.

And something very important that we’ve learned over the last few weeks of this venture is to never underestimate the power of asking! You’ll never know if you don’t try!

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6. A Healthy Lifestyle Is Important

As I said above, travelling is one of the best ways to de-stress and relax which is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, working on your own projects and making a living on your own terms can also prove less stressful than working a conventional 9-5 where pressures to fit the ‘perfect mold’ can become a burden on your health and wellbeing.

Sure, we also put pressure on ourselves to get things done to the best of our abilities. We usually have deadlines to meet and as much as it gives us butterflies, we have to step out of our comfort zones in order to grow. But at the end of the day, you ultimately have the freedom of choice. And having that freedom alone can make a huge difference to the impact your lifestyle has on your health.

Not to mention the time you can create to do the things you love, such as spending time with the family or travelling. That’s instant happiness in itself!

We aim to prove to you that you can make an income while you travel if you put enough hard work and dedication into it. I’m no expert but I believe that if you can find something you’re passionate about and turn that into your source of income while travelling (if that’s what you ultimately love doing most), you’re well on your way to creating an even happier, healthier you!

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The thing is, although it would be lovely, money doesn’t normally just fall out of thin air. And to sock it to you, there’s no such thing as ‘lucky’. Anyone can achieve their dreams if they really put their mind to it. It’s not a matter of luck, it’s a matter of hard work and dedication.

Richard Branson for instance. He’s successful. No wait, he’s like really really successful. But how did he get to that point? How does he own a bloody island paradise for god sake?!

Well, funnily enough luck didn’t come into the equation. However, perhaps being the founder of Virgin Group, which now consists of more than 400 companies, had something to do with it.

Even with dyslexia, he started his first venture, a magazine called The Student at just 16 years old. And quite literally that first venture stuck a rocket up his ass because from that point, he never stopped and now, he’s about to launch the first Virgin Galactic flight into space. No biggy.

The thing is, he didn’t become this successful by just waiting around for something good to come his way – and unfortunately, many of us do fall into this trap (guilty). No, he got super freaking rich by pouring a ton of time, dedication, frustration, sweat and tears into adding value to people’s lives – and he thrived on it.

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So my point here is – if you want to travel more, now is the time to start building that spaceship you’ve always wanted to take a ride in.

From two travel enthusiasts to another, let’s get venturing!

Your turn! We’d love to know, are you working on any of your own ventures to sustain your travels? What do you enjoy about it? Stories please!