Treehouse Hotels: 11 Serene Treetop Sanctuaries Around The World

Thinking about getting back to nature and truly immersing yourself in the beauty of mother earth during your next trip but not sure where to go?


Dreaming of somewhere unusual yet eco-friendly to rest your head at night without sacrificing comfort and tranquility?

Well, we may have found 11 of the most perfect options for you…


And they’re all treehouse hotels.

Yep, you read right… But these aren’t your typical shacks thrown together with wood and nails.


These are incredible luxury hotels set amongst some of the most beautiful tree-top canopies in the world.

These tranquil treehouses offer a unique and indulgent travel experience all while inspiring sustainable and eco-friendly tourism.

In recent years the increasing importance of sustainable tourism has urged many investors around the world to build eco-friendly resorts.

Consequently, a variety of dreamy treehouse hotels have popped up across the globe, from Sweden to Mexico to Thailand.

Here we’ve compiled the most popular and unusual treehouse hotels around the world which significantly contribute to sustainable tourism practices as well as offer an amazing guest experience.

These Treehouse Hotels Around The World Offer An Amazing Lodging Experience Amongst Nature Without Sacrificing Comfort…

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