Tips You Need to Know Before Snorkeling

Snorkeling is the art of swimming on or through a body of water while wearing a diving mask. A wetsuit can also be worn in colder waters. When it is your first time trying out this water-based activity, there are a lot of things you need to remember.


Bad first-time experiences are, sadly, prevalent. Most snorkel tour companies will make you feel like snorkeling is so easy you can just throw on some gear, dive in, and from there it’s all fun.

But, the fact is that while snorkeling is an enjoyable and straightforward sport, without some necessary skills, proper equipment, and information about the hazards and conditions of the sea, snorkeling can be a bit miserable, frightening, and potentially dangerous for the first time. To make your first snorkeling adventure fun and safe, here are some tips you need to remember.

Snorkeling Tips
Snorkeling is a fun underwater experience you can do when you visit a country. Photo credits to:

Don’t Rent Cheap Equipment

Spend a little more and rent a dry snorkel or at least a splash-guarded snorkel. One of the least pleasant experiences is running down your snorkel with a flood of water. A dry snorkel is fitted with a special valve that shuts seals when the snorkel goes underwater. At the bottom of the snorkel, it will also have a special purge valve to make it easy to blast water out of the tube. This piece of equipment is essential for a first-time snorkeler.

Rent fins that aren’t too closed-off or loose, and make sure that they don’t hurt. It’s actually terrible to have an uncomfortable fin when you need it most. And it will ruin your time to get sores on your feet from fins that have rough spots or are too tight. Keep in mind that your feet are going to be damp and often shrink in cooler water, so it’s crucial to have a snug fit.


Practice with Your Gear

Rent equipment and give yourself time to change it and get used to it before you go to the beach. Practice putting your mask on. Change the belt to be snug, but not tight. The cover will suck on your face with a light inhalation.

Before you go to the beach, you can train in a pool. Training your body with your face in the water takes a while, but you can become comfortable breathing through a snorkel. Relaxing is a fundamental trick.

Don’t Panic, Stay Relaxed

For first-time snorkelers, fatigue is a common problem. It takes a lot of energy to swim. The snorkeling trick is to stay relaxed and calm. If you’re not careful, you can wash yourself out quickly.

Swim only at a pace that helps you to breathe through your snorkel slowly and smoothly. Your snorkel will restrict your ventilation, so keep your level of activity at a speed that does not require heavy breathing.

Know the Waters Before Snorkelling

Know the tides, waves, and currents of the ocean. The ocean is alive, and the water is flowing, often with you. It is essential for your security to understand the basics of how the sea travels and your role in the movement.

Most snorkelers go on a boat tour for the first time or head to the first beach that somebody suggests for snorkeling. Use a bit more care and do some research to find the best place for you as a beginner, and you’re going to have a better time.

Choose Your Location

Choose a living beach spot, meaning it has plenty of fish and corals to see. If you first choose a dead or dull location, you probably won’t have a fun experience. Ask a local diving expert or snorkeler for suggestions.


We do snorkeling for so many reasons, but the primary goal is happiness. Snorkeling is about the joy of watching and experiencing the underwater world’s beauty. For more underwater experience destinations, click here.