How To Scuba And Snorkel Safely In Egypt

Deciding where to go on vacation can be difficult sometimes. Having the right information about a place serves you well while determining where you want to go. One thing you should know is that Egypt provides the perfect spot for scuba diving and snorkel activities.


Egypt has some of the most spectacular dive spots in the world. The red sea, for instance, provides the perfect place for diving. The locals, and the local authorities, have established the marine life customs. As such, there are set rules and regulations to guide beginners and experts in diving.

The Red sea is reputed with many water sports and diving. Plus, they are rare cases of accidents as compared to other areas. Below is a guide on the rules to scuba and snorkel safely during your visit to Egypt.



Diving Conditions In The Red Sea

The Red Sea remains calm most of the time but can change during harsh weather conditions. During rainy or windy seasons, the water tends to be choppy and, therefore, unsuitable for diving. While visiting Egypt, it’s important to consult experts on the expected weather changes to know the best time to go for a dive.


You can dive from one of the many resorts along the shore and have a fulfilling experience. As long as you follow all the rules provided by the responsible authorities, you will be on the safe side. Also, keep tabs on the water condition to know how far you should go.

Essential Diving Tips

Before you go scuba diving, ensure you read these tips to avoid any accidents. You must be a certified diver. The responsible authorities will ask for proof that you are a certified diver and, at times, they may ask to see a travel insurance policy.

Make sure you are fit to dive; do not go diving if you are feeling sick in any way. If you are a beginner, ensure you have a medical checkup to ensure you are fit. In Egypt, there are many professional diving instructors to guide you during diving activities.

Pack full diving gear to be safe and avoid any accidents. Always stay close to your instructors and monitor your air gauge. If you realize that the air gauge has gone down, make a safe return to the surface. Ascend slowly since coming up fast can cause bending or decompression. The decompression is very dangerous since it forces nitrogen into your bloodstream, causing you to suffocate.

Divers Safety In Sharm El-Sheikh

The Egyptian government is always keen to protect the tourists, as well as the local divers. This area is the most visited in North Africa. As a diver, you are guaranteed safety since they take time to inspect any shark incidents.

During your visit to Egypt, make sure you go to Sharm el-Sheikh for a great time. The Egyptian Chamber of Diving and Water Sports is always in the front line, helping divers stay safe. You will be supported and guided while in this part of the Red Sea.

The CDWS has many regulations and rules to ensure diver safety. Divers should swim in groups, and no one is allowed to go deep into the sea. There are established limit areas to keep you safe and, in case of emergency, the CDWS guide will be able to access you easily.

Shark attacks in Egypt, precisely in the Red Sea, are rare and the CDWS is there to protect all the divers. There are also restrictions on snorkeling areas. A CDWS guide must accompany all snorkelers. You must pass a specific test before being allowed to dive in the water alone.


Bottom Line

Egypt has diverse stunning colors and natural beauty. There are thousands of different aquatic creatures in the water there. Egypt is the perfect place to create unforgettable experiences, especially if you a deep-sea diver.