Planning To Stay In A Hostel? Learn Hostel Etiquette

If you have previously stayed in hostels, you have probably had that roommate who keeps snoring and annoying others while they are trying to rest. When staying with friends or even with strangers in a hostel, there are some unwritten rules that everyone must observe. Most of these rules are common sense but, just in case, we are here to remind you.


There are also individuals who think that staying in a hostel means they will be staying with their friends or even alone — this is not true. Don’t be that annoying roommate who leaves dishes dirty, comes in the room drunk and shouting at people sleeping, or has sex in the room.

Whereas it might not be possible to lecture every person intending to stay in a hostel, we have compiled some of the hostel rules you should know before your next stay. The last thing you want is to have the other travelers think you’re a jerk for not being considerate.



Don’t Make Too Much Noise

This does not mean you have to tip-toe in the room during the day. But, after 10 or 11 pm, when everyone is asleep, observe as much silence as possible so you do not disrupt people sleeping. Some people are light sleepers that even a simple disruption can offset their sleep.


If you are sleeping in a bigger room, it’s understandable that observing total silence might be next to possible. However, just like you love your sleep, others enjoy their sleep too so try to keep your disruptions to a minimum. If you must stay up late chatting, do it outside. It is also common courtesy to keep the lights off past 11 pm. 

Keep The Place Clean

Your mother is not there to clean up after you. And even if she is, you are an adult and should clean whatever you have used. If you have used a plate, wash it and leave it clean. Also, this should go without saying, but by washing, we mean using soap, not just running it under tap water.

In the same vein, make sure you are leaving common spaces like lounges and bathrooms clean. If you get toothpaste all over the sink, clean it up. If you get out a bunch of grames or books, put them away when you are done. How would you feel if you walked into the bathroom and it was a disgusting mess? Not good. So, be the person who leaves spaces ready and clean for others!

Pack Up Your Bags On Time

Staying in a hostel has its challenges, with new faces coming in every day and people leaving every day, it’s hard to observe total silence. Some individuals wake up late because they didn’t get enough sleep. And further yet, some people wake up bright and early to catch fights and special excursions. 

As such, if you know you are leaving early, pack your bags the day or night before. If you can keep the zipping noise down, your roommates will highly appreciate it. Worse than the zipping sounds, it is the noise of the plastic bags. The crinkling sound makes a lot of noise and it is hard for people to sleep. Instead of packing early in the morning, pack the evening before. However, just make sure you pack early enough that nobody is sleeping.

Keep Your Affairs Private

This is beyond annoying; how do you have sex in a hostel where you have roommates? This is uncomfortable for everyone in the room. Not to mention, inconsiderate to all of your roommates. If you are planning on engaging in more personal affairs, it is best just to book a private room.

Keep Your Music Volume Low

As much as you want to enjoy your dance party, not everyone is interested in your kind of music. As such, keep the volume low. If not, at least use earphones. In the same vein, if you are making Skype calls, chatting, or even watching a movie, do your roommates a favor and use earphones too. They are probably not interested in hearing your conversation, and if you can’t use headphones, at least go to the common room.

Never Hog The Bathroom

Most hostels have a limited number of bathrooms. As such, don’t spend an hour in the bathroom. Remember, others want to use it too. Also, don’t be too selfish and use up all of the hot water; this is a shared space, not a private bathroom that you rented. Just like you are preparing, others want to prepare and be ready on time, too.


Share The Outlets With Your Roommates

Many hostels also have limited outlets. As such, try to only use one plug at a time. If you need to charge multiple things at once, at least make sure that there is a plug left for someone else who needs one. Furthermore, if you are done charging your device, don’t leave it plugged in. Make sure that everyone has the opportunity and access to charge their devices as well.

Bottom Line

These are all unwritten hostel rues that require basic common sense. They are really not hard to observe; most of those who don’t are a few individuals who are stubborn and don’t want to consider their roommates.

Just like you want to be respected, others to want to be respected, too. Remember this is a shared space, and you are surrounded by different people, from different backgrounds, with different needs, be mindful of that.