A Kombi Adventure in Búzios, Rio de Janeiro

What was meant to be a short 3 night stay in Búzios turned into 5 when we soon realised how much we liked spending our days beach bumming, eating, beach bumming some more, watching sunsets, listening to live music (yes, at the beach) and sitting around the swimming pool eating bananas. Okay, there was some work thrown into the mix somewhere but if there is any place to do it, Búzios is it.


With over 20+ stunning beaches to choose from, each with their own unique little quirks, Búzios, Rio de Janeiro is defintely a top destination to go for a chilled out vacation in Brazil. Sip on a coconut whilst watching the sun set over the horizon… Hire out a buggy and tour the peninsula with a thrill… Or just head to Lapa Búzios Hostel and go for a ride around the beaches in the uber cool Kombi van…

Now can you imagine how it difficult it would be to leave all of this behind? 5 nights more would have been nice, that’s for sure!


How to do it:

Stay: Lapa Búzios Hostel e Pousada

Our Favourite Beaches: Praia de João Fernandes, Praia da Armação (main beach), Praia Azeda (to watch the sunset)


Getting Around: From R$2.50 you can catch the mini van to many different parts of the peninsula. If you stand out on a main street they come by every couple of minutes, making it really easy to get around Búzios. We caught one into Armação each night and it would pick us up just around the corner from our hostel.

Things To Do: kite boarding, snorkeling, boat tours, buggy hire, beach-hopping, shopping + many more!

Getting There: From Rodoviária Novo Rio (the main bus station in Rio de Janeiro) you can catch the bus direct to Búzios. The cost is approximately R$23 and the journey takes about 2.5 hours.

Big thanks to Lapa Búzios Hostel e Pousada for hosting us on during our stay in Búzios. 

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