How To Travel Confidently While On Your Period

Many women feel like periods are a barrier when they want to travel. It’s no secret that period makes you feel uncomfortable and, when not managed, can result in leaks. There are also stomach cramps and back pain associated with periods, but this should not hinder you from having a good time.


Being prepared is the primary step to managing your periods during travel. Pack all the necessities you will need. It isn’t very comfortable staining your clothes in public when you are having your period.

Travel should be fun and used as a time to explore the world around you. To avoid any embarrassing moments, continue reading below. We made a travel guide to help you travel confidently without worrying about your period.



Pack Enough Feminine Sanitary Items

While visiting a new city, it’s important to be prepared and fully packed with feminine care products. Pack the number of tampons you will need, depending on your regular flow. If possible, pack extra items to handle any emergencies.


There are numerous types of sanitary items that are suitable during your travel. However, traveling isn’t necessarily the time to try something new. Buying new brands may have an adverse reaction with your skin, which will lead to discomfort or itching.

Besides, tampons or pads, you should carry enough tissue paper and wet wipes. The wet wipes will be handy if you don’t have access to a proper or clean bathroom. When there is no soap or water, these wipes will also come in handy; they can remove blood stains from your hands and boosting hygiene.

Pack extra underwear. At times it’s challenging to estimate your period’s intensity, which can vary as a result of location and climate. Packing an extra pair of clothes will help you avoid the embarrassment of walking around in stained clothes.

Pack Pain Medication

If you are prone to having stomach cramps and extreme back pain during your menstrual period, pack medication to relieve the pain during your travels. The rural area might not have pads, tampons, pain pills, herbal teas, or heating pads to ease the pain.

Regardless, it is a good idea ack your favorite pain relief medication that works best for you. Do not let the cramps and back pain hinder you from having fun and creating life experiences.

Do Not Be Stressed

Stress is known to disrupt your normal period. While traveling, keep your mind occupied and find things to keep you excited and stress-free. Stress is reputed by suppressing the pituitary gland. Therefore, it affects the average production of estrogen, which in return affects your regular menstrual periods.

Ensure you have enough sleep before your travel to reduce anxiety and sleep-related disorders, which can also disrupt your period during the trip.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is known to affect women’s periods. When traveling, avoid alcohol so you can keep a clear mind. A clear mind will help you manage your periods well during your trip. With a clear mind, you will know when it’s the appropriate time to change your pad.

When you are under the influence of alcohol, you might fail to remember to change your tampon.

Keep Hydrated

Drinking enough water helps you to remain active and feeling your best. Ensure you drink enough water before your travel and pack a bottle of water. Drinking plenty of water is known to reduce cramps. It is important to remain hydrated, especially if you are traveling during the summer.

Having A Late Period

If you are experiencing a delayed period, then you must understand that you must be prepared to pack extra sanitary items. A late period is associated with heavy bleeding and intense cramps. In this case, you need to relax and take care of yourself well.


Bottom Line

Travelling can affect your period, especially if you are traveling in the air. The best solution is to ensure that you don’t impose any stress on your body. Stick to your routine even during your travel. Use the standard products you are used to and drink a lot of water.

Period shifts are mostly as a result of diet changes, intense excitement, and stress. Following the above tips guarantees having a comfortable journey without worrying about your periods.