Hassle-Free Road Trip Guide: Easy Hacks and Tips

It is always a treat to be able to just get in a car and drive for hours – geared with all the tips you read and prepared for a long trip ahead. Whether it’s a planned drive or to a faraway stop that’s to be decided on a whim, ample prep is key to enjoy any hassle-free road trip.

10 Life Hacks for a Hassle-Free Road Trip
Van equipped and ready for the long road
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Easy Hacks for a Fun Road Trip

Getting ready for a quick and hassle-free road trip doesn’t just mean making a quick grocery stop or gassing up for the miles ahead. This is why we put together some hacks to make a few hours on the road worth your while.

Wear sunscreen, especially on your window-facing arm

10 Life Hacks for a Hassle-Free Road Trip
Person spraying sunscreen on his skin
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It’s so easy to forget about the sun when you’re in a car, but the roof only blocks out some of those rays. So best to lather on a lil’ SPF and keep the color on both your arms even. Trust us, you’ll thank us later.


Roll up a towel or shirt for your back

Long drives can definitely put a strain on our backs. Save time and avoid one too many stopovers by rolling up a towel and placing it behind your lower back for a more comfortable drive. After sitting in the car for hours on end, you’ll never regret doing this.

10 Life Hacks for a Hassle-Free Road Trip
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Download your favorite tracks and put them into a playlist

You’ll possibly pass by areas without cell service so streaming music might not always work. For this reason, be sure to put together the best songs and save it as an offline playlist. A 15-hour road trip with the right tunes will feel like 5 hours, no doubt!


Pro tip: Check out the many playlists on Spotify or other music-streaming apps! Just search with your choice of genre and download away!

10 Life Hacks for a Hassle-Free Road Trip
Two women singing on a road trip
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Get lost in a great podcast series

When you feel like you’ve maxed out on rocking out to your playlist, another great way to pass time is to find a podcast and binge the series.

With hundreds of themes available to choose from, you’re sure to find a podcast (or two!) that’s well within your interests.

10 Life Hacks for a Hassle-Free Road Trip
Couple choosing a podcast to binge on
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Make a detour and take the scenic route

Got extra time to spare? Get off the freeway and take in some of the sights and sounds of the more scenic route. Aside from experiencing majestic views, it’s also a great way to stretch your legs.

10 Life Hacks for a Hassle-Free Road Trip
A surprise scenic view
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Bring a multi-charger with you

Hours on the road can mean draining your phone’s battery, especially if you’re with a group who loves to take photos and tinker with their gadgets. This is why having a multi-charger in the car will surely make everyone happy.  

Pro tip: Just about to buy a multi-charger? Check on the specs and go for one with quick-charging capabilities!

10 Life Hacks for a Hassle-Free Road Trip
A multi-gadget charger is a must for any road trip
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Go for local restaurants instead of fast food

It’s always so tempting to go for fast food whenever we’re on a road trip. Skip the fast and familiar with local fares instead! Apart from getting sumptuous and filling local food, it’s always a good idea to support small businesses on your quick stops.

10 Life Hacks for a Hassle-Free Road Trip
A hole in the wall restaurant visit on a stopover
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Download apps that can help you find cheap gas and highway stops

Panicking about where the next stop is with gas or a toilet is definitely not uncommon. So before heading on a road trip, search for apps that check for stops which can cover all your bases on the way to your final stop.

10 Life Hacks for a Hassle-Free Road Trip
Cheap gas and more is a tap away
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Screenshot directions if you’re limited on memory and can’t download the full map

There’s a chance you won’t have service the whole trip. If you’re limited on phone memory, a good hack is to screenshot the directions. If you have the storage, you can download the whole map for your route so it’s available offline.

10 Life Hacks for a Hassle-Free Road Trip
Navigating made easy thanks to Apps
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Lastly, don’t be afraid to veer away from your itinerary

Some of the best road trip stories come from taking the wrong exit or changing things up on your schedule. The key to enjoying a road trip is to be open and spontaneous.

So pack your bags, rev up the engine and enjoy your hassle-free road trip!